Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Taken To Hospital With Chest Pains

During the recent Senate debate on health care, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), called on the American people to pray that a Democratic Senator would be unable to vote on the health care bill, in order to force Democrats to work with Republicans on the issue.

Well it looks like God’s viewpoint is much different than Tom Coburn’s and has sent a message, a sign as it were, to show the Republicans that God is for caring and kindness for mankind.

It appears that God struck down conservative radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, as a message that this blowhard needed to be stopped as he was taken to a Honolulu hospital with chest pains on Wednesday.

Paramedics responded to a call at 2:41 p.m. from the Kahala Hotel and Resort where Limbaugh is vacationing, KITV reported. The station, citing unnamed sources, said the 58-year-old Limbaugh was taken to The Queens Medical Center in serious condition.

Now many will remember well in 2001, Limbaugh reported he had lost most of his hearing due to an autoimmune inner-ear disease. He had surgery to have an electronic device placed in his skull to restore his hearing. Of course this was all just a lie because two years later Limbaugh acknowledged he was just another drug addict that was addicted to the pain medicine OxyContin or better known by its street name, “Hillbilly Heron.” His hearing loss was one of the side effects of long term OxyContin abuse.

Maybe it could be said to the fanatical religious right wing nut bags that Rush Limbaugh does not speak for God and has worked in his way to demonstrate that fact.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Holy Oak Tree Religion

(The Holy Oak Tree can be found on Engineer Of Knowledge’s farm)

The oak tree was sacred to Zeus, especially the tree at the sanctuary of Zeus in Dodona which also served as an oracle; it would seem the rustling of the leaves was regarded as the voice of Zeus and the sounds interpreted by priestesses. The oak was also sacred to Pan and we know what an impish scamp he was.

The pre-Christian world was the world of Celts, who worshiped nature. To the Celtic outlook, the land was the main goddess, the rivers were her helpers and they enriched the earth. Celts used to live in forests, where they were close to the nature and could learn the language of trees and wisdom of animals. With the appearance of Christianity ancient Celts didn’t disturb their close ties with nature; they connected their love to nature with the main principles of Christianity. Celtic monks lived in deep forests and wrote their religious works for the gifts of nature. The most important thing was to understand the divine origin of all things and god’s existence in nature. Celts saw life as a constantly changing circulation of life and death. Everything moved in a spiral and nature’s observation gave a possibility to find mechanism of development of the world.

Nowadays we have practically completely lost the awareness of spiral development and it’s difficult to gain an understanding of the world as a whole. One may easily note the decline of the current form of Judaism and Christianity religions in the United States as a cause and effect of their own decline.

According to the Roman authors Lucan and Pomponius Mela, the Celts of Gaul worshipped in groves of trees, a practice which Tacitus and Dio Cassius say was also found among the Celts in Britain. The Romans used the Celtic word, “Nemeton” for these sacred groves. A sacred oak grove in Galatia (Asia Minor), for example, was called Drunemeton. The word was also incorporated into many of the names of towns and forts, such as Vernemeton near Leicester in England.

The names of certain Celtic tribes in Gaul reflect the veneration of trees, such as Euburones (the Yew tribe), and the Lemovices (the people of the elm). A tree trunk or a whole tree was frequently included among the votive offerings placed in ritual pits or shafts dug into the ground. Others shafts had a wooden pole placed at the bottom. The Celts believed trees to be sources of sacred wisdom, and the hazel in particular was associated with wisdom by the Druids. The Druids performed rituals and ceremonies in groves of sacred oak trees, and believed that the interior of the oak was the abode of the dead.

“Druid,” derives from a Celtic oak word. Druids were teacher-priests of an ancient Celtic religion that worshipped oak trees in Gaul, Britain and Ireland. Their name was first borrowed into Latin and Greek from an Old Celtic or Gaulish form like “Druides. “

Compare modern Irish and Gaelic forms like draoi (draoidh, druidh, gen. druadh) meaning ‘magician’ and Welsh dryw ‘sorcerer.’

The Gaelic, “Druidh” is the compound of *dru + *uid = oak-knower. In the ancient Celtic society Druid was a name bestowed on a seer or visionary who possessed ‘oak knowledge.’

Even the ancient Romans learned some Druid lore. The Roman encyclopedist Pliny the Elder knew about Druids’ holding sacred both mistletoe and oak groves. The Druids hold nothing more sacred than the mistletoe and the tree on which it grows provided it is an oak. They choose the oak to form groves, and they do not perform any religious rites without its foliage. Pliny also tells of Druid priests using a golden scythe or sickle to gather the mistletoe in the light of the moon.

Celtic Oak Proverbs:
1. An oak is not felled at one stroke. (In other words, be patient.)
2. Every oak has been an acorn.
3. Great oaks from little acorns grow.
4. Oaks may fall when reeds stand the storm.
5. The willow will buy a horse before the oak will pay for a saddle. (Willows grow fast, oaks more slowly.)

Perhaps not surprisingly, trees appear at the foundations of many of the world's religions. Because of their relative rarity in the Near East, trees are regarded in the Bible as something almost sacred and are used to symbolize longevity, strength, and pride. Elements of pagan tree cults and worship have survived into Judeo-Christian theology. In Genesis, two trees, “The Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil,” grow at the centre of the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:9). Scriptural and apocryphal traditions regarding the Tree of Life later merge in Christianity with the cult of the cross to produce the Tree of the Cross.

The fantastic Story of the True Cross identifies the wood used for the cross in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as being ultimately from the, “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” in the Garden of Eden. Other stories claim that Adam was buried at Jerusalem and three trees grew out of his mouth to mark the centre of the earth.

In the Old Testament, trees are also associated with the ancient Canaanite religion (the religion that Judaism and Christianity’s God came from) devoted to the mother goddess Asherah (God’s wife) which the Israelites, intent on establishing their monotheistic cult of Yahweh (the name for God), sought to suppress and replace. The cult Asherah and her consort Baal was evidently celebrated in high places, on the tops of hills and mountains, where altars dedicated to Baal and carved wooden poles or statues of Asherah (or the Asherahs; in the past Asherah has also been translated as grove, or wood, or tree) were evidently located.

Celtic spirituality is not just a form of ancient religion; even now it has a lot of followers and is very popular. The number of sources, which refer to Celtic civilization, is great and you can find practically everything you want to know. The rebirth of “The Holy Oak Tree,” which may be found on Engineer Of Knowledge’s farm, is growing stronger everyday as the true religion of the Earth and Universe. (I should also give honorable mention to Microdot’s “Big Holy Rock” which complements this religion.)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


By Richard Dawkins

Being a man of science myself, this week as we celebrate and recognize Charles Darwin’s published science facts, I decided to complement this evolutionary science with a posting of Richard Dawkins.

The bible thumping, delusional, science fact deigning, folks whom funded and visit the Creation Museums popping across the country, are accomplishing nothing but dragging their children into a pit of regressive education.

Since its conception, one of the strengths of this country’s economical edge was our science lead within the world. Putting this country’s science edge into the hands of the Fanatical Religious Right, as stated in the video clip, has just placed our standing well below the competitiveness of other countries we have to economically compete with.

One of the most important issues in this country today is not Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, it is the oppressive agenda from within of those whom would insist that science facts be ignored and be replaced with their religious fundamental viewpoints.

Call It Freedom Of Speech OR Freedom To Be Stupid

In keeping with my friend, "Man with a Muckrake" blog site, I thought that I would also keep up with the "FREEDOM" theme. I think that it is very unfortunate, or very telling, that prominent conservatives have been silent thus far exposing that it is serving their purpose quite well even if it was not by design. Below is a very disturbing story. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

In Wheat Ridge, Colorado, a billboard recently erected compares President Barack Obama to a terrorist and questions his U.S. citizenship.

The billboard shows two cartoonish images of Obama wearing a Muslim turban and reads "PRESIDENT or JIHAD?"

It also says "BIRTH CERTIFICATE - PROVE IT!" alluding to the conspiracy theory which claims Barack Obama was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii, which would disqualify him for the office of President.

The words "WAKE UP AMERICA! REMEMBER FT. HOOD!" appears on the bottom of the billboard.

The sign belongs to a car dealership owned by Phil Wolf. "Since Fort Hood, I've had it," said Mr. Wolf, "You can't suggest things. You can't profile. You gotta call a spade a spade." "Everything I have read about Mr. Obama points right to the fact that he is a Muslim. And that is the agenda of what Muslim is all about. It's about anti-American, it's about anti-Christianity," Wolf said.

The Anti-Defamation League condemned the sign, as did AM760 radio host David Sirota, who discussed the sign and interviewed Wolf on his program Friday morning. "It's out of control," Sirota said. "This conservative hatred of Barack Obama is out of control, and this brings together all those strands of it: the racism, the anti-Muslim fervor. It's one thing to criticize the president on health care, or Wall Street reform, or immigration. But this is outrageous. And I think it's a fair question to ask why these questions about religion and ancestry are being directed so viciously at the first African-American President of the United States."

While the ADL issued a statement calling the billboard an exploitation of the Ft. Hood shootings that is "divisive and offensive, and perpetuates hateful and harmful stereotypes about Muslims."

"That could suggest that conservative leaders are afraid to confront the extreme fringe of their base," Sirota said. "Or it suggests they actually condone this message. Either way, it's disturbing."

Sirota is an unabashed liberal, but not all self-identified conservatives who drove past the sign Friday disagree with him.

"I'm not concerned with that at all," said Linda Alexander, of Golden, in regard to the dispute over President Osama’s American citizenship. "He was elected; he's the president -- that's it, as far as I'm concerned. Some people just can't accept that, obviously."

But Keith Walters, another passing driver, saw nothing wrong with the billboard. "I can't honestly say he's a Jihadist, but there's a lot of things that are questionable," Walters said. "The whole birth certificate controversy. From what I've read, there's no proof Obama isn't a Muslim. And I don't believe there's any racism in the billboard. I think that should be a question asked to any president who -- they have some questionable backgrounds."

Supporters of the birth certificate theory, known as 'Birthers,' believe the Certification of Live Birth produced by the state of Hawaii is a forgery.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving on the Chesapeake Bay

I thought that I would take a page from my good friend Microdot’s site and post a recipe that is somewhat of a tradition here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My Grandfather was a local waterman and those whom made there living from the water had recipes that are served as a tradition for Thanksgiving. I would also ask all to reply to this posting with their favorite recipes that has a special meaning for them at Thanksgiving.

I can still remember him performing his balancing dance just standing on the 8” wide washboard of his 40’ workboat, handling the 30’ oyster tongs, lowering them into the water, blindly gathering into a pile the oyster shells from the oyster beds, then hand over hand pulling the tongs back up and opening the rakes dumping the oysters onto the deck, and then repeating the process over and over again. To impress how hard this type of work is, think of it as vertically lifting 30 to 50 pounds of rocks 30’ over and over all day. Now oysters can only be harvested in the months with an "R" in it so should you loose your balance, you are falling into icy cold water and many passed away from hypothermia. When he had a good size pile of oysters, he would go through the pile throwing the oysters that were too small, dead, empty shells, etc. When back onto shore you would then take the baskets of oysters to the shucking house or shuck them yourself and put the oysters into mason jars to sell.

This oyster dressing is one of my favorite to serve at Thanksgiving. Growing up between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, this oyster dressing was a tradition in every waterman’s Thanksgiving feast. The haunting smell of this dressing as it comes out of the oven still brings back warm memories of the days when the main employment for the men of this area was to work on the water for their lively hood. “The skipjacks were made of wood and the men were made of steel.”

Baked Oyster Dressing

2 teaspoons unsalted butter
1 pint shucked oysters and their liquor
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 cup chopped celery
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
3 bay leaves
1/4 cup finely chopped parsley
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup half-and-half cream
1/4 cup chopped green onions
4 cups homemade-style white bread torn into 1-inch size pieces
1/3 cup freshly grated Parmesan

Cooking Instructions:
Preheat oven to 375° F. Butter a 9 by 11-inch baking pan with the butter and set aside.
Drain the oysters, reserving the oyster liquor. Set aside.
Heat the olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add the celery, salt, pepper and sauté for 5 minutes, or until soft. Add the bay leaves, parsley, and sauté for 1 minute. Gradually add cream; slowly stir in flour until smooth and cook for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the green onions, oyster liquor stirring to mix well, and remove from the heat.
In a large mixing bowl, combine the bread and vegetable mixture with the oysters and Parmesan cheese. Stir to mix thoroughly. Pour the mixture into the prepared baking pan and top with more Parmesan. Bake for about 1 hour, or until bubbly and golden brown.
Remove the bay leaves before serving.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Memories of Mr. Bojangles

I was feeling a little melancholy this morning when I remembered the song, "Mr. Bojangles" written and recorded by Jerry Jeff Walker in 1968 and covered by many artists but most noticeable by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1971.

In Jerry Jeff Walker’s autobiography,” Gypsy Songman,” Walker said that he had been arrested earlier on the 4th of July weekend in 1965 for public drunkenness in New Orleans’s First Precinct Jail. According to Walker, the song was inspired by an encounter with a street performer whom he shared the cell with. Walker mentions that all the men in the cell had nicknames to prevent easy identification by the police and this one particular street dancer's nickname was, “Mr. Bojangles.”

On that day that Walker was in jail, a murder in New Orleans precipitated the arrest of all the street people in the area and in the crowded cell this disheveled, homeless, old man street dance performer, began to talk to Walker. Walker said that the man told various stories of his life, but the tone darkened when Mr. Bojangles recalled he had a dog that had been run over. Someone then asked for something to lighten the mood, and the man obliged with a tap dance.

In his autobiography, Walker dispelled the urban legend that the song did not refer to the famous stage and movie dancer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson

nor the New Orleans blues musician Babe Stovall.

Walker made it clear that the man he met was white and in a later interview with BBC Radio 4 in August 2008, Walker pointed out that at the time in 1965, the jail cells in New Orleans were segregated by color.

With this history of the song, I decided to attach the song performed by the man who was originally inspired to write the song. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Faith Friendly Boobs?!?

Miss California, Carrie Prejean, appeared on CNN's Larry King Live to promote her new book, "Still Standing." Carrie Prejean's Larry King interview started well enough, stating that Sarah Palin was a personal hero. The dethroned pageant queen said that she nearly walked off the Larry King Live Wednesday night when he made the comment that it has been revealed the pageant had paid for her breast implants. Ms. Prejean’s replied that her fake boobs were just fine with her devout Christian faith: “I don't think there's anything wrong with getting breast implants as a Christian . . . I don't see anywhere in the Bible where it says you shouldn't get breast implants.”

She was eventually dismissed from her contract amid allegations she failed to make scheduled public appearances. Ms. Prejean sued the pageant for religious discrimination, among other things, and rumors suggest she dropped that lawsuit after pageant lawyers played a pornographic movie starring the beauty queen during arbitration talks. It has continued to come to light that there are as many as 15 to 20 movie clips of her pleasuring herself and performing sex with many different male partners. Carrie Prejean asked a former boyfriend to testify falsely that she was only 17 years old making her a minor when the movies were made. Her hopes of professing this lie were so that the movie clips then could not be made public. The boyfriend’s reply to Ms. Prejean was that he would not commit perjury under oath in court for her. He went on to say that his association with Carrie Prejean is that he had met and spent 4 days in a San Diego hotel together on their first date.

Recently the ever professing “Christian Faith” Prejean bailed on a Republicans-only speaking engagement at the Washington DC Capital Hill Club just minutes before her speech was due to begin on Thursday. Carrie Prejean’s sudden decision to cancel her speaking engagement came about after the ex-boyfriend told she had asked him to lie about her sex tape and say it was made when she was underage so that she could sue to stop it being released. The truth is that Carrie Prejean was 20 at the time she made her now famous porno movie clips.

Now for those who are still interested, the anti-gay bashing, Christian Faith professing, Carrie Prejean's book, "Still Standing", can be found at all good bookstore bargain bins.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom
For trying to change the system from within
I'm coming now, I'm coming to reward them
First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin

I'm guided by a signal in the heavens
I'm guided by this birthmark on my skin
I'm guided by the beauty of our weapons
First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin

I'd really like to live beside you, baby
I love your body and your spirit and your clothes
But you see that line there moving through the station?
I told you, I told you, told you I was one of those

Ah, you loved me as a loser
But now you're worried that I just might win
You know the way to stop me, but you don't have the discipline
How many nights I prayed for this, to let my work begin
First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin

I don't like your fashion business, mister
And I don't like these drugs that keep you thin
I don't like what happened to my sister
First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin

I'd really like to live beside you, baby
I love your body and your spirit and your clothes
But you see that line there movin' through the station?
I told you, I told you, told you I was one of those

And I thank you for those items that you sent me
The monkey and the plywood violin
I practiced every night, now I'm ready
First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin

I am guided

Ah, remember me, I used to live for music
Remember me, I brought your groceries in
Well, it's Father's Day and everybody's wounded
First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Art Of Freak Dancing

It is my belief that it is the diversification in this country; The Great Melting Pot, that has always been the driving force of progress, that we have adapted, changed course, and held high the standard for others to immolate proudly.

A good example of this multi-ethnic blending was the band,” Santana,” that exploded on the music rock scene when they played at Woodstock. Santana’s Afro-Latin rhythms which pioneered a blend of rock, salsa, and jazz fusion took rock to a whole new level and direction that no one was expecting. The band's sound was a blend of the Black, Latin, and White members and featured Carlo’s melodic, B.B. King influenced blues-based guitar lines, set against Black Soul base lines, and Latin percussion such as timbales and congas.

This is why I have chosen this video clip for you to enjoy. So dance like no one is watching, let yourself go, and embrace the diversity that is OURS!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

All Is Now Forgiven With The Irsay Family From A Childhood Baltimore Colts Fan

As a child I grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore. I remember well the excitement in 1958 when the “Greatest Game Ever Played,” was unfolded before us all in Baltimore. This is when the underdog, “The Baltimore Colts,” beat the much favored “New York Giants,” for the nationally televised championship football game.

So many future Hall Of Fame players like Frank Gifford, Rosey Brown, Sam Huff, Don Maynard, Andy Robustelli, and Emlen Tunnell played on this Giants team. On the other hand Baltimore had only been in the league for 6 seasons as an expansion team. Coached by Weeb Ewbanks who had future Hall Of Fame players like the GREAT Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry, Alan “The Horse” Ameche, Lenny Moore, Gino Marchetti, and Don Joyce. Football historians have given the credit to Johnny Unitas and Raymond Berry for inventing the “2 minute drill.”

Yes in 1953 the Baltimore Colts, (who use to be the Dallas Texans and were moved to Baltimore), were now here in 1958 playing for the National Football League Championship. The Colts name came about because of the tradition of Baltimore’s rich history with racing, and breeding of horses. The obvious example of this history being the second leg of the triple crown, “The Preakness Stakes.”

The game was played on December 28, 1958 at Yankee Stadium in New York. The 1958 game was the 26th annual NFL championship game. To add to this drama, this was the first nationally televised Championship Football game and the game played out better than if someone had written a suspenseful script. The Colts beat the Giants 23-17 in overtime, earning their first ever championship. The game would later be known as “The Greatest Game Ever Played!” Then as if to prove that they were not just a fluke, there was a rematch between the two teams in 1959 and the Baltimore Colts defeated the New York Giants again by a score of 31 to 16.

The Colts went on to play and win many Championships and later Super Bowls establishing many memories to the young “Engineer of Knowledge.” As a child playing quarterback in little league football teams in the area…I did not know any better than my heroes who played for the Colts….that they did not walk on water.

I remember all too well my father, a physical education major school teacher, surprised me one Sunday in 1967 and took me to Memorial Stadium to see the Baltimore Colts play the Minnesota Vikings. We sat on the 50 yard line, 6 rows back from the field, and I watched Johnny Unitas and Raymond Berry work their magic. The tickets cost $7.00 each and I can say that this day was one of the best days of my life!

Well I can only say that it is hard to describe the feeling when Bob Irsay, with Mayflower moving vans, snuck away in the dead of that cold, snowy night; and stole my Baltimore Colts along with my fondest childhood memories, to Indianapolis. Little did anyone know on that December 18, 1983, the Colts would play their final game in Baltimore. Almost after the season ending win at Memorial Stadium; Colts owner Robert Irsay began talking to other cities about moving the club. On February 13th he toured the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis and the rest is history.

To this day football fans in Baltimore still burn in effigy the image of Bob Irsay. Even though we are now Baltimore Raven’s football fans, “named after the Edgar Allen Poe poem, “The Raven,” still will not forgive and move on past their distain and hatred of anyone with the Irsay family name.

By now you must be asking, “Engineer, where are you going with this story and isn’t your title, “All Is Now Forgiven?” My answer to you is “YES.” I can say today that on a personal level, I can forgive the son Jim Irsay for his father’s sins of stealing my Baltimore Colts and childhood memories because Jim, as the owner of the Colts and with the foresight of what is best for the NFL; VOTED AGAINST RUSH LIMBAUGH FROM OWNING THE ST. LOUIS RAMS!!!!!

I want to say to Jim Irsay that he has single handily with his vote restored my faith in professional football and enabled me to release my resentment and inwardly held anger after these so many years. In closing I want to say “THANK YOU” and may nothing but good things happen for you in the future.

Monday, October 5, 2009

White House Openly Confronts Fox News’s Lies!

There have always been factions that publish or make public oppositional political viewpoints with their own slant to a sitting President in the past, but Fox News has gone to the extreme of just propagating blatant lies.
Harry S. Truman banned reporters he disliked from his presidential yacht. Franklin Roosevelt placed his journalistic critics out of earshot at the back of the room during presidential press conferences.
No such subtleties in Barack Obama's White House. The White House is taking a full out frontal assault exposing the Fox News Channel calling quite bluntly, “their broadcasting of lies.” Of course the White House does not expect an apology from the network’s owner and driving conservative force, Rupert Murdoch.
As a response to the Fox News’s propensity to fabricate facts and inaccurate broadcasting topics for the sole purpose of showing the President in a bad light, the Obama White House gave all major networks interviews except Fox News for their Sunday talk shows. Chris Wallace of Fox News response was to simply call the White House "the biggest bunch of crybabies." (Oooooh, what a scathing editorial from this intellectual group. Is this the best that Fox News has? Name calling?)
One of the White House's main targets to date is Glenn Beck, the conservative Fox News commentator whose rants of provocative commentaries that are more often full of inaccurate and misstatements than not.
This past Wednesday, September 30, 2009, Glenn “Blowhard” Beck went on a negative rant about President Obama going to Copenhagen to try to get the Summer Olympics for Chicago. The White House’s counter attack pointed out Beck's lack of research of the subject and misinformation by referencing the financial losses Vancouver sustained hosting the Olympics. What any well read person knows is that Vancouver won't host the Olympics until 2010, and the clueless Beck should have said the Calgary Olympics.
Beck has also gone on another negative rant to say that President Obama’s confidante, Valerie Jarrett, had participated in a controversial August phone call that attempted to recruit artists to create works that promoted President Barack Obama's policies. The White House noted that Jarrett did not participate in any such call. Just another fabricated incorrect lie for the sole attempt to make the President look bad.
Now of course Beck has stated that the White House political director, Patrick Gaspard, had ties to ACORN but the Pulitzer Prize winning Web site, PolitiFact quickly debunked these claims by publishing the facts, and once again, Glenn “Blowhard” Beck, had just made up more lies to base his arguments against the President. PolitiFact has posted and debunked many false claims with regards to the White House that Glenn “Blowhard” Beck continues to repeat along with others on the Fox News Network.
As I see it, the White House has no other option but to meet these falsehoods head-on at every turn or the lies will have a tendency to take on a life of their own to be quoted by the conservative lemmings who want nothing more than to believe them to be true. The President said in his speech to Congress that he would call out those that misrepresented his record and that includes ideological news outlets like Fox News and its various commentators. "In this day and age," Dan Pfeiffer, the White House deputy communications director, added, "every falsehood must be met head-on no matter how absurd the charge or discredited the source."
Now in conclusion, I do want to caution this administrations calling every inaccurate comment a “lie” because it could end up like the old fable, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” but do not be afraid to call it what it is and do not back down from its meaning. When there's a willfully dishonest statement made by these fabricating conservative bias personalities, attack and expose the “LIES” when there is not any question in the context that it is being referred to, and do not be afraid to call it a “LIE” as an accurate use of the word.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Where Have All the Christians Gone?

In a recent study of Americans’ religious beliefs shows the number of people who claim no religious affiliation has doubled since 1990, a reduction of fifteen percent, and is the highest point in history.
Those whom identify themselves as Christians are taking plummeting losses in America, while the number of non-believers is on the increase. Non-believers now represent the third-highest group of Americans, after Catholics and Baptists.

Protestants now represent half of all Americans, down almost 20 percent in the last twenty years. If this trend keeps up, in the near future America will become a minority Protestant nation for the first time since the pilgrims.

The demographics of those rejecting organized religion are the under 30 young people. Nearly a quarter of Americans in their 20’s professing no organized religion.

I should state at this time that these non-believers are not particularly atheist. Instead, these individuals have a belief in God but no interest in organized religion, or they believe in a personal God but not in a formal faith tradition.
Organized religions that have been catering to the fanatical right wing aspect believers have been a recipe for failure. It has only turned off and exposed the hypocritical views of this group and turned off the freer thinking younger Americans. Many of the “20 something’s” in Americans who could be interested in God, but they don’t think existing institutions are helping them draw closer to God. The constant drone of the religious right wing political preaching just does not hold up to the truths they can see for themselves.

It is also a fact that Americans’ interest in religion has not always been stable. It dipped following the Revolution and again following Civil War. In both cases it rebounded because religious institutions adapted and found new ways of relating to everyday Americans.

Today, the rise of disaffection is so powerful that different denominations will need to band together for financial reason and transform into shared religious message that will enable a movement beyond the fading divisions of the past traditions. If organized religion does not adapt then America will just become like Europe, where religion is fast becoming an afterthought.

Bravo Senator Gram

I am writing this piece from the prospective of my moderate Republican views. I want to pass on a job well done for Senator Gram with regards to his most recent comments of the fanatic right wing.

Senator Gram’s straightforward and brave account of how far the right wing lunatic fringe the Republican Party is tending to. Senator Gram told a conference hosted by Atlantic magazine the Glenn Beck is aligned with that strange group I like to call “very rich white men whining” and said about Beck, “Only in America can you make that much money whining. He (Beck) is aligned with cynicism but we became a great nation not because we are a nation of cynics but a nation of believers.”

Senator Gram also called those who claim President Obama was not born in America “crazy” and told them to knock this crap off and get on to more significant problems.” He went on to say, “I’m here to tell you those who think the president was not born in Hawaii are crazy.”

Good for Senator Graham. He also stated he was very worried about the passions that cable news cannels were whipping up in recent weeks.

For those who have read my postings before, I have stated and essentially predicted the current poisonous atmosphere could lead to an assassination attempt on President Obama. Graham stated, “If you get rewarded for being a jerk, you are going to just keep doing it.” Graham pointed out a recent article in Newsmax magazine, a far right wing rag, which said a military coup against President Obama could happen as an example of the media madness.

It is a good thing that there are Republicans like myself and Senator Graham who are not afraid to criticize their own political party. We can only hope that such truth and decency will permeate many more politicians at this dangerous time. America badly needs it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is Opposition to President Obama Racially Motivated?

Earlier in the week, former President Jimmy Carter said the angry outbursts at town hall meetings and in Congress about health care reforms are racially motivated. When Jimmy Cater made the statement that “I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man," well he was not off the mark. I have seen too many right wing political cartoons showing our current President within racial stereotypes. One example being the President portrayed as a monkey eating watermelon at a state dinner. Yea, Ha Ha real funny assholes.

Although President Obama said on Friday the angry criticism about his health care agenda is not driven by racism, but is instead motivated by an intense concern about the proper role of government. Where this is true as an aspect on health care, you cannot deny that for many on the extreme right also have the racial interjection aspect too.

President Obama has long suggested that he would like to move beyond race and he is right to say so but the pertinent question is whether the country will let him.

The president said the things that are being said about him are similar to what was said about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - that he is a "communist" and a "socialist, etc."

I think that President Obama is right to calm down or deny the racial aspect of his Presidency because it would be a great political move by the Republican’s to get every issue bogged down by diverting the arguments into a constant debate on whether it is racially motivated or not. By diverting any debate or argument to this aspect, they split and divide the population on a diverted argument causing a derailment on any progress of programs that the President is trying to move forward.

So those of us who are supporting the President and his programs, let us all not fall into the opposition’s trap of making everything related to the President racially motivated. Bottom line it is not about race but about getting his programs passed.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Quality of Religious Based Schools

One of the arguments of giving students “School Vouchers” so they will be able to attend a school of their (or really their parents) choice has given inaccurate reasons for doing so. The argument is that the public schools are not teaching our children properly.

In truth, it is a means for the ultra religious to have this tax money funneled into their “Faith Based” schools. They base their argument and spread the inaccurate information that these types of schools are producing better students. Well this is not an accurate statement at all simply because that it is based on a generalized statement.

I will give some examples below where the “Faith Based” schools have failed the students.

There is a “Baptist Faith Based” school located in Seaford, DE. Many parents send their children to school there; it goes from pre-K to 12, because they don’t want their children to attend a school where they will be exposed to those whom they find undesirable. There are no black children in this school not because of they openly refuse to allow them to attend, but more by cost inhibitive means or when the few black children do sign up and attend, they are shunned plus ostracized and soon leave. Some of the teachers don’t even have college degrees much less have degrees in the subjects they are teaching. The students are not passing the Advanced Math’s or the Science subjects, but so long as the students can repeat memorized Bible verses they are passed onto the next grade.

Unfortunately, these students end up so sheltered that when they graduate the Baptist faith based high school, they have not learned to cope and function in society of the real world. After graduating, many of the girls just work at part time jobs like greeting card shops hoping to find someone to marry so they can stay home, have children, and not have to face the stress of the real world. Those who go onto college mostly attend more “Faith Based” schools like Gerry Farwell’s “Liberty” college which perpetuates and postpones their short comings of assimilating into real society. It has also come to light in recent “Nationalized Testing,” the majority of these students are not passing which is jeopardizing the State of Delaware recognizing their diplomas and even the possibility of this schools accreditation to be revoked.

Another example I like to pass on is the story told to me by a member of the book discussion group that I attend at the local Seaford Library. This person has her Doctorate in Philosophy and is a professor at Salisbury University. This person also tutors English writing skills at other colleges to help students who are having trouble. This one particular story she passed on was a student who went through fundamentalist religious schools her whole life. This student then went to a fundamentalist college for two years before transferring into Wilmington University located in Georgetown, DE. The student was failing miserably in “Critical Writing” where you are supposed to develop your own thoughts on a subject given and argue your points through “logical argumentation.” This student would start off with a poor opening statement and then just start writing non-coherently quoting biblical passages that were not even tangible to the subject being discussed.

The professor said that this student had no concept of developing an original thought for herself. It was so pathetic that it was to the point that even the concept was totally alien to her. Even with the extra tutoring help, this student failed the required English class and was dropped from being able to attend the University because she could not reach the academic level required by the school. The failing was not only with this English class, but with some of her other class too.

To bring this article to a conclusion, I want to make everyone’s attention to Patrick Henry College. Patrick Henry College is a private, independent Protestant college that focuses on teaching classical liberal arts and government, located in Purcellville, Virginia. Patrick Henry is the first college in the United States founded specifically for Christian home-schooled students, and is known for its conservative evangelical Christian focus. As of April 17, 2007, the college was nationally accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, an accrediting organization recognized by the Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. The school was founded with the help of the Home School Legal Defense Association, and now serves as the headquarters for the organization, with which it is still closely connected.

The college has gained much publicity because of its ties with the Republican Party and at the time with the Bush administration. The school has been criticized for the religious interpretations of science that all students and faculty must agree to and continually uphold.

The main purpose of this college is to give degrees to students for the sole purpose to obtain Federal Government jobs and to embed their views throughout all government agencies. Students who have been taught not to think for themselves, follow blindly the fanatical religious viewpoints that they have been brainwashed with their whole lives unquestioning its validity, are to become the majority and decision makers for all government agencies in the future. It does not matter if they can perform math calculations or have learned science facts, so long as they can quote Biblical scriptures and believe religious myths, they can lead the country.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Key Of David…Bible Prophecy

For several weeks now I have seen, with much half tuning out indifference, an ad on TV for a religious program called, “The Key Of David…Bible Prophecy.” The ad goes to a shot of the pastor, Gerald Flurry, as he goes on to say, “The bible says in Jeremiah that they will have the ability to destroy many nations.” With just this little snippet of his program, I guess the listener is supposed to insert the country of their choice that has the current event news item of the day. Iran, Iraq, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, etc, would do depending on who did what on any particular week.

The ad closes with, “Each week, Gerald Flurry discusses world events in light of Bible prophecy on “The Key Of David” television program. “The Key Of David” covers today’s most important events with a unique perspective of telling you what is happening to our society and our world, but also, more importantly, it tells you why. Tune in every Sunday morning at 7:00 AM to make clear what is going on in the world today through the light of Bible Prophecy.”

Well after many weeks of seeing this ad, I really took particular note this morning that this con man, Gerald Flurry, is using the Bible as a Crystal Ball that he can look into; find a sentence that supports what he is trying to convince everyone that the Bible predicted and prophesied on any particular week. I guess that it does not matter if the sentence is taken out of context of the complete paragraph’s central thought…if it is in the Bible and Gerald reads it…then the Bible predicted the events and warned true believers of the current situations to be aware of plus what is going to happen.

One could suspect that it is all based on Armageddon fear mongering because it plays so well with the type of people that gravitate and fall prey to the “Gerald Flurry” types of this world. Make note that these followers are more than willing victims of the “Gerald Flurry” con men types because they find excitement in the “Dooms Day” aspect. I would guess that it is the same adrenalin rush one gets from gambling that has become an addiction.

Now with a little bit of Googling, I found out that this all knowing and foreseeing “Church of God” pastor, on September 18, 1993, was arrested in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, and taken to jail after being found intoxicated and passed out behind the wheel of his automobile with an open container of intoxication liquor. When the officer asked for Gerald Flurry’s driver’s license, Gerald said that he did not have one but took out a $20 bill instead and tried to hand it to the officer. The officer repeatedly told Gerald Flurry to put away the money and proceeded to administer three field sobriety tests. Of course Gerald Flurry failed all three exceeding the legal maximum. At the trial Gerald Flurry pleaded “nolo contendre” to the charges and an unidentified person paid the many fines per each count on Gerald Flurry’s behalf.

Now I must say that even I can foresee and predict that if you drive drunk with the intoxication level so high that you pass out behind the wheel of the car….You are going to get arrested. No big mystery talent here is there?

In closing, my comments are if he is so good at predicting the future, why didn’t he see and avoid this drunk driving arrest? Oh yea by the way, be sure to send a large donation check so that this important TV program can stay on the air and tell true believers how to prepare for the future through Gerald Flurry’s interpretation prophecies.

Monday, August 17, 2009

President Obama Is The Real Target, Not Health Care Policy

Last week In Belgrade, Montana, people attended a town meeting prepared to actually listen to President Obama talk about health care reform in America.
Many watched and wondered to see if the debate on health care would turn into a circus sideshow like so many town meetings before. Over a 1,000 participants attended the town meeting wondering if it would happen again in Montana. Well, there were a few protesters but the citizens of Montana who were excited to hear what the President had to say far outnumbered the fringe groups.
On this occasion people with legitimate concerns and legitimate points to make were not overwhelmed by the wing nuts and screamers who take their marching orders from blowhard radio, right wing television, and the fringe Internet.
These idiots have attended town hall meetings more to be seen than heard, and think by creating chaos makes them great Americans. They have been convinced by others that we are dying to hear from them and the louder the better. People who think that if they get filmed making an ass of themselves on the local news, they have become stars of their own reality TV series.
The only true reality is the violent opposition isn't really about health care reform; it is about their opposition to President Obama in general. They can’t establish enough of an argument to beat the Harvard-educated President in an open debate from the White House, so they attack him on an issue where they see him as being vulnerable.
Now we have Sarah Palin getting involved as uninformed as ever making statements about so-called "death panels." With her involvement in the discussion, the debate has just become exponentially dumber. They disrupt what others came to educate themselves by screaming how they don’t want government health care programs as if the already established Medicare isn't one itself. These wild eyed, insane asylum red faced escapees, screaming about how Obama wants to kill Grandma. With the help of Sarah Palin comments, he has now become Jack Kevorkian. Someone who demonstrated on the national stage her lack of knowledge of anything of substance, is going to comment on something as complex as health care?!?!
The opposition could not win the fight in November when Obama and the Democratic Party totally dominated John McCain, Sarah Palin, and the whole Republican Party’s defeat with this one election, so they try to tear the President down on health care reform with lies and distortions. The Republican message now is, “He's a Socialist selling socialized medicine and he wants to kill Grandma.” This is their best argument? How sad.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tea Baggers versus Men of Honor

As I was in Baltimore today I noted streets that were named in honor of two great men who had contributed and made a large difference to our society. One was Thurgood Marshall; the other was Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thurgood Marshall was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 2, 1908, and was the grandson of a slave. His father, William Marshall, instilled in him from youth an appreciation for the United States Constitution and the rule of law. As the years went on, Thurgood Marshall won 14 of the 19 cases he argued before the Supreme Court on behalf of the government. To stress this point, Thurgood Marshall represented and won more cases before the United States Supreme Court than anyone before him.

He was appointed to the Supreme Court and until his retirement, Justice Marshall established a record for supporting the voiceless in American. Thurgood Marshall left a legacy that expanded that early sensitivity to include all of America's voiceless. Justice Marshall died on January 24, 1993.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta, George on January 15, 1929. In 1954, King became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. King was always a strong worker for civil rights for members of his race. King was a member of the executive committee of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the leading organization of its kind in the nation. His insistence on non-violent protest to make Americans aware of racial inequality put himself in constant personal danger with those in power. His constant vigilance to make what was wrong and unjust to those whose civil rights, guaranteed in the Constitution, were being violated and the path to make things right, always made him an object of hatred by those who disagreed with what he was trying to achieve.

At the age of thirty-five, Martin Luther King, Jr., was the youngest man to have received the Nobel Peace Prize. When notified of his selection, he announced that he would turn over the prize money of $54,123 to the furtherance of the civil rights movement.

As many know, on the evening of April 4, 1968, while standing on the balcony of his motel room in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was to lead a protest march in sympathy with striking garbage workers of that city, he was assassinated by one of those who disagreed with his views.

So in conclusion to this piece, I then thought of our current events of the fanatical right wing “Tea Baggers” conduct at the town meetings where public discussion should be taking place to discuss a very pertinent and serious topic that is affecting us all. Their ignorantly brash behavior that is only designed to disrupt the logical debating process is a sad statement to their base values to the American political process.

So the final epiphany of comparing what these two good men did to correct what they saw what was wrong with American society in their time; to the outlandish blowhard’s ignorant tactics being employed today. I think that I can say with the utmost confidence that not one of these “Tea Baggers” will ever be honored in the way that Thurgood Marshall or Martin Luther King have been.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Woodstock 40th Anniversary

I want to start off with the best wishes to everyone who are a part of the Woodstock Era Nation. I know I don’t have to tell everyone the history of Woodstock as I know all can savor their own memories. This posting is to send the blessing of Peace, Love For One Another, and listen to the best Rock & Roll Music that was produce in that era.

So to hell with the Conservative Talk Blowhards who would try to Divide, Find Blame, and just plain try to Destroy The Harmony Of This Diversity Nation.

Take a moment and see how what could have been a bad situation, turned out as a culture icon moment because those at Woodstock chose to accept, worked together, and let diversity be their banner.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nature will be dazzling the sky this week.

This week is the best viewing for meteor showers.

First I need to apologize as I have been very occupied with a local political issue. To remind everyone we use to have a very good Moderate Republican Congressman by the name of Wayne Gilchrest. He was defeated in the primary by a Right Wing Nut Job. The good news is that the Moderate Democratic primary winner beat out the Republican Fanatic in the general election.
The ex-office manager who ran the moderate Republican Congressman’s local office in Salisbury, MD, has given me a call and asked me to help on a local issue so I have been very busy with this of late. That being said, I want to pass on asking everyone to take some time tonight and enjoy nature at its best.
If you can stay up late or get up early, tonight or tomorrow morning you will be provided with some great viewing. The annual Perseid meteor shower is gearing up now, and NASA is predicting that it may be better than usual this year.
The Earth crosses a strand of old dust that was released in the year 1610 from Comet Swift-Tuttle. The meteor rate could reach 200 per hour.
If you're not up at that hour, try taking a look anytime after dark tonight. If it's not cloudy, you should see some meteors. In fact, you can start looking any night this week. Meteors can usually be seen several days before and after their peek period.
The Perseid shower has always been very faithful, producing one meteor per minute or better.
Meteors can appear in any part of the sky, and some fireballs are possible. Their tails will all point back toward the constellation Perseus, from which the shower gets its name.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Introduction to “Rowdy” Randy Billy Bob Fokkertard

Howdy You All! My name is Randy Billy Bob Fokkertard but everyone rounds here just calls me “Rowdy” for short. I just met this here Engineer of Knowledge and he was telling me about hows he useta live in Charleston, South Carolina when he was in the Navy and stuff and I live here too in South Caroline most of the time when I’m not hauling hogs cross the country. Wes got talkin and jawin about our Governor from these here parts.

Well I was tellin Engineer of Knowledge hows we here in South Carolina understand how he gots all mixed up bout bein married and stuff. First off if yous just look at our license plates on our cars.

You see that little crescent moon and palm tree…he just thought he was in one of those Arab countries where they can have more than one wife…And with his wife bein all religious and stuff….. Well you knows he wasent getting any from her…not without her praying to Jesus and stuff first...Hee Hee. He probably wasin getting it maybe more than four times a year….You know what I mean? Hee Hee. ever take a good look at her....Wolf Wolf...Hee Hee...Know what I mean?

Now let me tell among you all how that Arab President we all got is just ruin this country. I was back home attending my local John Birch Society meetin and wes decided to attend all the local Town Meetins that these Liberal Democratic Congressmen gonna be talkin at. Well when they start with that liberal Mamby Pamby Commie stuff…Well I’ll tell you right now…Were gonna give those boys a “What For” right outa the shoot. Hee Hee, they won’t even knows whats gonna hit-em.

Now I’m tellin you right here and now…Among you all should join them Tea Bag people even though thems are probably Yankees and stuff but I’m pretty sure they all are good Christian folks. Hows bout now among you all listen to what I'm tellin you all cause I knows all about this kind of stuff to keep our country safe from those Arab terrorist tryin to destroy our God Given Freedoms.

I’ll be gettin up and down with you all real soon but until then you all take care and God Bless. Praise Jesus.

The Fanatical Right Wing Nut Jobs, “Tea Baggers,” Next Desperate Move

The Fanatical Right Wing of the Republican Party is now ratcheting up the paranoid, hateful and just plain “Fact Challenged” rhetoric. The latest for the Tea Bagging organizers is promoting and providing detailed directions on how to disrupt Town Hall meetings that will be held by Democratic Congressmen this August.

Lobbyist run groups like, “Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works,” which orchestrated the anti-Obama tea parties earlier this year, are now pursuing an aggressive strategy to create an image of mass public opposition to health care and clean energy reform.

A leaked memo from Bob MacGuffie, a volunteer with the Freedom Works website Tea Party Patriots, details how members should be infiltrating Town Halls and harassing Democratic members of Congress.

Their suggested instructions are:

1. Artificially Inflate Your Numbers: “Spread out in the hall and try to be in the front half. The objective is to put the Congressman on the defensive with your questions and follow-up. The Congressman should be made to feel that a majority, and if not, a significant portion of at least the audience, opposes the socialist agenda of Washington.”

2. Be Disruptive Early And Often: “You need to rock-the-boat early in the Congressman's presentation, Watch for an opportunity to yell out and challenge the Congressman's statements early.”

3. Try To “Rattle Him,” Not Have An Intelligent Debate: “The goal is to rattle the Congressman speaking and get him off his prepared script and agenda. If he says something outrageous, stand up and shout out and sit right back down. Look for these opportunities before they even take questions.”

These right wing nut jobs want to ensure their democratic rights by disrupting the democratic debate process…isn’t this rich?!?

Joe McCarthy would have been delighted to see his own tactics refined so well. Don’t even pretend anymore to anything resembling an intelligent debate or basic respect. Just get out to these Town Halls, be really disruptive, get as much media attention as possible and hope that the bullying actually intimidates both Congressman and the people attending. And all of this from the Party of Victimization, who apparently aren’t so victimized that they don’t mind bullying other people. Change the conversation to your own personal bad behavior so that those interested in talking with their Congressperson never get a real chance to do so.

Lee Atwater before he repented would have been really proud of this also.

Lee Atwater on his last days, called those who he lied and spread damaging rumors about. He needed to clean his soul and clear his conscience before he died. One of the people he made sure he called and apologized to was Willie Horton, of the Dukakis Presidential Campaign.

When Lee appeared on Frontline as his means to apologize to the nation through the mass media he is quoted as saying, “I was wrong to follow the meanness of Conservatism. I should have been trying to help people instead of taking advantage of them. I don’t hate anyone anymore. For the first time in my life I don’t hate somebody. I have nothing but good feelings toward people."

Maybe those of the fanatic right wing should take note and emulate the lessons that Lee Atwater finally learned in the end.

Much like the Mid-1700’s ship captain, John Newton, who wrote the religious hymn, “Amazing Grace,” composed between 1760 and 1770. After spending most of his adult life shipping African people to the New World to become slaves, it was in his later years that he was so driven by regret and self loathing that it was hard for him to even live with himself on a daily basis.

One only has to look at who the fanatical right wing of the Republican Party and what they are promoting as their means to their ends to see how sick and demented their minds really are.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Government Health Care

A Guest posting by Reality Wizard

In the 1940's Blue Cross was a Non Profit corporation that was Government regulated. During World War II, those who were not in one of the services, were working in the defense factories or supporting industries; and the vast majority of those Americans were covered by Blue Cross.

Those who were not covered by reason of age or other preventive factors had the availability of government funded clinics. The clinics provided the necessary care at hospitals and neighbor hood locations. Depending on your illness you went or were sent to the proper location.

At that time there was public transportation available. In fact there were not many cars. After WWII as the vets came home the GI Bill allowed them to get into training programs, Go to School, open a business, buy a house etc. Public housing and health clinics really made a difference and our economy boomed. Homes, cars, furnishings etc. were in great demand. The men worked and the wives stayed home and raised the children.

By the 1950's automobiles started coming in from Japan. For the manufacturers they were less expensive to build they had no unions, health care, no taxes, etc to pay for or manage.
The rest is history we lost our manufacturing base while our insurance and service cost escalated out of control. Insurance companies invested money in all areas with complete immunity to loss. If a stock dropped they just raised our insurance rates to cover it.

Greed soon got involved and it escalated out of control. Corporate bonuses, jets, foreign trips, gifts to politicians, donations to PAC’s and PRESTO we lost our economy, our government and our national dignity.

Now we have an opportunity to get back honest regulations in all the above factors. Not only health care but all insurances, manufacturing, transportation, investments, banking etc.

So in conclusion, "Common Sense" laws are NOT Socialism. They are regulations that provide for the public good. While providing for domestic tranquility and assuring the public welfare, as defined by law rather than a handout to lazy citizens.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Permian Era, 290 to 248 Million Years Ago

The recent research and findings of DNA and other organic bits found in Permian salt deposits has excited much of the science community. Microbiology and biochemistry professor Jack Griffith found organic material in water that was trapped in the salt left behind as land locked interior oceans evaporated over time. Evidence of these interior bodies of ocean saltwater still exists in the United States as The Great Salt Lake of Utah. The Bonneville Salt Flats, where people go to break land speed records, is nothing more than an interior ocean saltwater lake bed that evaporated.

The Permian period lasted from 290 to 248 million years ago and was the last period of the Paleozoic Era. The distinction between the Paleozoic and the Mesozoic is made at the end of the Permian in recognition of the largest mass extinction recorded in the history of life on Earth. It affected many groups of organisms in many different environments, but it affected marine life the most. Some groups survived the Permian mass extinction in greatly diminished numbers, but they never again reached the ecological dominance they once had, clearing the way for another group of sea life. On land, a relatively smaller extinction of diapsids and synapsids cleared the way for other forms to dominate, and led to what has been called the “Age of Dinosaurs.” Also, the great forests of fern-like plants shifted to gymnosperms, plants with their offspring enclosed within seeds. Modern conifers, the most familiar gymnosperms of today, first appear in the fossil record of the Permian. In all, the Permian was the last of the time for some organisms and a pivotal point for others, and life on earth was never the same again.

The global geography of the Permian included massive areas of land and water. By the beginning of the Permian, the motion of the Earth's crustal plates had brought much of the total land together, fused in a super continent known as Pangea. Many of the continents of today in somewhat intact form met in Pangea which stretched from the northern to the southern pole. Even today you can reassemble the continents that once made up Pangea together like a giant jig saw puzzle proving that they had once been one large continent. Only Asia was broken up at the time. Most of the surface area of the Earth was occupied by a corresponding single ocean, known as Panthalassa, with a smaller sea to the east of Pangea known as Tethys. Like today, the Pacific is the larger ocean and the Atlantic is the smaller ocean.

Models indicate that the interior regions of this vast continent were probably dry, with great seasonal fluctuations, because of the lack of the moderating effect of nearby bodies of water, and that only portions received rainfall throughout the year. There are indications that the climate of the Earth shifted at this time, and that glaciation decreased, as the interiors of continents became drier.

One of these areas is The Glass Mountains which is located in southwestern Texas. The mountain range has been described as about 24 miles long and between 6 and 15 miles wide. The mountains are made up of limestone, shale, sandstone, dolomite, marl, and other rocks, sediment, clay, and sand.

This mountain range is part of a relatively large geographical area marked by the presence of geological features dating from the Permian period, dated 286 to 245 million years ago. This area, called the Permian Basin, underlies parts of western Texas and southeastern New Mexico in the southwestern United States. Sediments from that era cover a thickness of some 12,000 feet.

The Permian features in the southwestern United States are mostly marine in nature; when the Permian period began, and what is now the Glass Mountains were underwater. As time went on, the ocean evaporated, and when the Permian ended, the former ocean was dry.

The Glass Mountains themselves have been chosen as the standard section for the Permian period because of the presence of a continuous layer of Permian sediment 1500 to 2000 m thick.

The strata of the Glass Mountains contain a number of fossils, many of which are from the Permian. One part of the significance of the fossil finds in the Glass Mountains and other parts of the Delaware Basin is the use of their occurrence to classify strata, layers of rock marked by different times of deposition; in fact, the presence of fossils in various strata have been the primary means of classification, along with features of the rock itself. Fossils found in the Glass Mountains, found in marine sediment, are those of marine organisms. The selection of fossils includes algae, sponges, bryozoans, brachiopods, crinoids, conodonts, coral, ostracodes, gastropods, nautiloids, and other early forms of marine life. The Permian fossils of the Glass Mountains are shallow, warm-water marine life, like the kinds expected in a modern-day coral reef; the results are to be expected for what was once the Capitan Reef millions of years ago.

Some of these are suitable for stratigraphic correlation, the classification of strata from different areas into a chronological framework to determine which rock was laid down at similar times, because of various factors, like (1) sufficient numbers of fossils, both in an individual site and in other sites to be correlated, (2) sufficient rate of change in the population through time to permit analysis of evolutionary change through the strata, and (3) enough study of the populations to allow for a knowledgeable analysis.

Of special interest are fusulinids, a kind of foraminifer (a kind of shelled protist), and ammonoids, a kind of mollusk related to the modern-day chambered nautilus. The fossilized shells of these organisms have been used in early stratigraphic correlation. Many of the fossils of Permian life were discovered within the various sediments that compose the layered formations of the Glass Mountains. Fossils in the Glass Mountains have been used for determining correlations among sites in North America and in other places. As mentioned, the Permian series of the Glass Mountains is the standard series for correlation with other strata in North America.

As mentioned, the fossils in these areas have been important criteria for correlations. Fossil correlations from one area to another can be used to evaluate sediments from similar dates. The Ural Mountains, Russia, also contain similar fossil sites. Other similar sites in the Permian are found in areas across the western United States, including a band from Kansas to Texas. There have also been similar discoveries in other parts of the Americas, including Central and South America and northern North America. The geological knowledge also has some applied use, as economic geology, which is concerned with natural resources like natural gas, oil, and minerals, is interested in geological dating.

In short, what is known from the Permian series in the Glass Mountains has been used for correlations with stratigraphy and fossils elsewhere, and the fossils found in the Glass Mountains have been the primary method of determining these correlations.

Now in summation, when those who want to make the claim that the earth is 10,000 years old based on a single source documenting oral traditions from nomadic tribes of 2,500 years ago noting that nothing is based on any scientific fact; their credibility pales in comparison to the scientific evidence noted in this posting.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pat Travers "Boom Boom" (Out Goes The Lights)

One of the "Road House" style rowdy rhythm and blues tunes is Boom Boom (Out Goes The Lights) by Little Walter who wrote, covered, and performed the original during the Chess Record years. Please refer to the earlier short biography that I posted earlier this month.

In 1978, Pat Travers recorded and released a live album entitled, “Go For What You Know,” which included his version of, "Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)". This live performance took this song to a whole new level and reintroduced Little Walter’s song to a whole new generation of Blues Music Fans.

I think that you will enjoy the raw energy that Pat Travers brings to this old blues classic.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cheney Pressured Bush to Authorize Use of Military On U.S. Soil!

Former Vice President Dick Cheney pressured George W. Bush and other top administration officials to deploy U.S. soldiers to arrest suspected terrorists, according to a report that has just been publicly released.

Using American soldiers for domestic law enforcement purposes would have been unprecedented. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 generally prohibits the armed forces from acting in a law enforcement capacity.

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.”

Vice President Dick Cheney argued that a president had the power to use the military on domestic soil to sweep up terrorism suspects. Dick Cheney argued that the President had unlimited powers to prosecute the “war on terror” on American soil and could ignore constitutional rights, including First Amendment freedoms of speech, the press, and Fourth Amendment requirements for search warrants.

Within the White House staff for Alberto Gonzales was John Yoo, a former deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC), authorized the president to use the military for domestic matters. Yoo’s legal opinion, “Authority for Use of Military Force to Combat Terrorist Activities Within the United States,” was declassified and released along with other OLC memos in April of this year.

Yoo, who was a visiting law professor at Chapman University in Orange, Ca., asserted, “The current campaign against terrorism may require even broader exercises of federal power domestically,” Yoo wrote. “First Amendment speech and press rights may also be subordinated to the overriding need to wage war successfully. The current campaign against terrorism may require even broader exercises of federal power domestically.”

The memo also said Bush had the legal authority to order searches and seizures without warrants against individuals that “he judged to be terrorists”.
Yoo’s legal opinion went on to say, “We think that the better view is that the Fourth Amendment does not apply to domestic military operations designed to deter and prevent future terrorist attacks.”

In an Oct. 6, 2008, just three months before Bush exited the White House, Stephen Bradbury, acting chief of the OLC, constructed a memo that renounced and did a quick backtrack withdrawing Yoo’s Oct. 23, 2001, legal opinion calling it, "a memorandum for the files." Stephen Bradbury renounced Yoo’s legal opinion and wrote that Yoo’s legal opinion “states several specific propositions that are either incorrect or highly questionable.” Bradbury went on to say, "Yoo’s opinion about suspending First Amendment protections were “overbroad and general and not sufficiently grounded in the particular circumstance of a concrete scenario.”

Bradbury went on to say, "The Oct. 23, 2001, memorandum represents a departure from the preferred practice of OLC to render formal opinions only with respect to specific and concrete policy proposals and not to undertake a general survey of a broad area of the law or to address general or amorphous hypothetical scenarios that implicate difficult questions of law.”

As many of us in the Intelligent Bloging Sentinel world would suspect, former officials said the 2002 debate arose from the Justice Department concerns that there might not be enough evidence to arrest and successfully prosecute terrorist suspects. “Mr. Cheney, the officials said, had argued that the administration would need a lower threshold of evidence to declare them enemy combatants and keep them in military custody.”

So to reiterate this statement, “If the evidence was inadequate to legally arrest those who George W. Bush deemed and “judged to be terrorists,” we only need to have someone to write a legal opinion that reduces the level of evidence required and have the military arrest them. PROBLEM SOLVED!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Suicide of Socrates

A day in the year 399 BC, the philosopher Socrates stood before a jury of 500 of his fellow Athenians. Socrates was being accused of “Refusing to recognize the Gods that the state recognized.” By not recognizing the Gods that the Athenian state recognized, his accusations were compounded with the additional charge of “Corrupting the youths of Athens.”

The trial took place in the heart of the city, the jurors seated on wooden benches surrounded by a crowd of spectators. Socrates’ accusers were three Athenian citizens who recognized the truth of the official Gods of Athens. The accusers were given three hours to present their case, and then Socrates would have three hours to defend himself. If Socrates was to be found guilty; his penalty could be death.

After the arguments of both Socrates and his accusers were over, each juror registered his judgment by placing a small disk into an urn marked “Guilty” or “Not Guilty.” Socrates was found guilty by a vote of 280 to 220. Yes, 280 of the good citizens of Athens saw that it was their duty to defend and protect the “Recognized Gods of Athens.”

Now that Socrates had been found guilty of “Not recognizing the Gods that the Athenian state officially recognized,” and consequently “Corrupting the youths of Athens,” his accusers argued for the death penalty. Socrates in his defense proposed that he be fined a modest sum of money. In light of the severity of his crime of “Not recognizing the Gods of Athens,” the jury selected the death sentence for Socrates. Athenian law prescribed the carrying out the death sentence was to be by drinking a cup of poison hemlock, and Socrates would then be his own executioner.

In our advanced and modern civilization of the United States, we should think, “How uneducated, idiotic, and backwards those Athens must have been to sentence Socrates to death for simply not recognizing the official state “Gods of Athens.” But human nature being what it is no matter what period in time, when today I hear of ministers having their congregations actively praying for President Obama’s death…are we really that far removed from those ancient Athenians?

Monday, July 20, 2009


In the mid to late 1960’s the pro-war conservatives were often heard making the statement, “My country, right or wrong,” as if stating this was the only reason anyone would need to take their viewpoint and support for the United States’ involvement in the Viet Nam War.

In reality, and I am sure those who were making the statement had no clue, that this is just a segment of a quote made by Carl Schurz. The total quote is, "My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right." In retrospect, this full quote would have been more appropriate to those who opposed the Viet Nam War. As history has proven that the attack of the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin as the reason for going into Viet Nam, was a fabrication; much like the Bush Administration’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that were not found in Iraq. Many of us have noted, there are people in this country who still believe the foolishness that Saddam Hussein plotted and attacked the Trade Towers in New York because that is what Conservative Talk Radio has lead them to believe. To reiterate the true lesson from Carl Schurz’s quote, “and if wrong, to be set right,” those who work to put this country back on the correct moral compass after being taken off course by those who have intentionally mislead the country; are the true American Patriots.

Carl Schurz was a German revolutionary who became a Union Army General in the American Civil War. After the Civil War, he went on to become an accomplished journalist, newspaper editor and noted orator, and in 1869 became the first German-born American elected to the United States Senate.

During his later years as a Teddy Roosevelt era Republican, Schurz was perhaps the most prominent independent in American politics, noted for his high principles, his avoidance of political partisanship, and his moral conscience. Much like Teddy Roosevelt, Carl Schurz fell out of favor with the more conservative aspect of the Republican Party at this time for these principles he believed in.

I will close this posting with another quote from Carl Schurz that all should take note: "Ideals are like the stars. We will never reach them, but like the mariners on the sea, we chart our course by them."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Wit Prince Movie

The opening scene starts out with Harry Potter and Professor Dumbledore in a sober discussion with the seriousness of the “Storm Of Past Evil” brewing unrest within the universe. Both agreed that everyone on earth is in danger of this evil rearing its ugly head again trying to take back the position and the abusive power that it once imposed on the world population for eight years.

This evil force ran unleashed and unrestrained because the “Evil Anointed One,” the one called, “The Half-Wit Prince,” had so many fooled into thinking he was one with a pure “Born Again Soul.” In truth, his soul and brain had long been burned out with too many years of alcohol and cocaine abuse, that nether had any true functioning remains within the empty shell of his physical body.

Unfortunate, many bought into the myth because he was the first born of a past leader who failed so poorly that the masses purged him upon their first chance to do so.

What many did not realize before it was too late was that the “Half-Wit Prince” had an evil accomplice. This accomplice had gotten his training from an ancient evil that went by the clownish name of “Tricky Dickey.” This sorcerer's apprentice, who was schooled and mentored by the ancient evil, took the name of his master, “Dick,” in honor of the spells that were taught to him.

This “Dick from the land of Cheney,” (which loosely translates into), “He who on a rare occasion wipes his own ass but still likes to smell his fingers after doing so,” set out on a mission to take over all of the earth’s oil reserves, and to skim off as much of the American Tax Payers' dollars, making both very obscenely wealthy.

The “Storm Of Past Evil” had a feminine stoogie cohort who goes by "Caribou Barbie." Their evil plan was based in the hopes she would be able to bring forth a new age and rebirth of their old brand of evil making everyone’s life unbearable. The “Storm Of Evil Past,” power fabricated a religious myth so those who are easily led astray, the “Fanatical Religious Right Wing,” could be whipped up into a blind faith frenzy carrying the “Storm Of Past Evil” into power on the shoulders of the mindless once again.

The evil plan was foiled by a loose group of “Intelligent Blogger Sentinels” who are educated, and on the constant watch exposing every time the “Storm Of Evil Past” thought that it had found a dropped guard or a week link in their vigil alertness.

The final scene is with the “Intelligent Blogger Sentinels” lamenting that their service to the world community is sometimes a thankless job, but they have the satisfaction of knowing that they are keeping the earth safe from the “Storm Of Past Evil.” Yes, being able to stop the evil council of the “Half-Wit Prince,” “Dick from the land of Cheney,” and the non-functioning in the real world “Caribou Barbie,” which is enough thanks for this unassuming group.

The camera fades to black, and closing words, “THE END” closes the movie leaving everyone with a happy ending but with the knowledge and realization that the “Storm Of Evil Past” will try to return again soon.