Sunday, August 2, 2009

Introduction to “Rowdy” Randy Billy Bob Fokkertard

Howdy You All! My name is Randy Billy Bob Fokkertard but everyone rounds here just calls me “Rowdy” for short. I just met this here Engineer of Knowledge and he was telling me about hows he useta live in Charleston, South Carolina when he was in the Navy and stuff and I live here too in South Caroline most of the time when I’m not hauling hogs cross the country. Wes got talkin and jawin about our Governor from these here parts.

Well I was tellin Engineer of Knowledge hows we here in South Carolina understand how he gots all mixed up bout bein married and stuff. First off if yous just look at our license plates on our cars.

You see that little crescent moon and palm tree…he just thought he was in one of those Arab countries where they can have more than one wife…And with his wife bein all religious and stuff….. Well you knows he wasent getting any from her…not without her praying to Jesus and stuff first...Hee Hee. He probably wasin getting it maybe more than four times a year….You know what I mean? Hee Hee. ever take a good look at her....Wolf Wolf...Hee Hee...Know what I mean?

Now let me tell among you all how that Arab President we all got is just ruin this country. I was back home attending my local John Birch Society meetin and wes decided to attend all the local Town Meetins that these Liberal Democratic Congressmen gonna be talkin at. Well when they start with that liberal Mamby Pamby Commie stuff…Well I’ll tell you right now…Were gonna give those boys a “What For” right outa the shoot. Hee Hee, they won’t even knows whats gonna hit-em.

Now I’m tellin you right here and now…Among you all should join them Tea Bag people even though thems are probably Yankees and stuff but I’m pretty sure they all are good Christian folks. Hows bout now among you all listen to what I'm tellin you all cause I knows all about this kind of stuff to keep our country safe from those Arab terrorist tryin to destroy our God Given Freedoms.

I’ll be gettin up and down with you all real soon but until then you all take care and God Bless. Praise Jesus.


  1. Man, I read a few of the emails of tactics to be used by the foot soldiers...Which you refer to in your last post.
    The level of organized obstructionism in America is really daunting. This is a populace trained to shoot themselves in the ass on command.

    You done real good Mr. Engineer, I could not have written such an accurate portrait of the sheer dumbfuckery rampant in this land.

    I just read an article that revealed that the Whitehouse gets an average of 35 threats on any given day and Glenn Beck had the "civic mindedness" and concern for the public welfare to actually request that his listeners refrain from violence.
    One of his lissteners was arrested for the third time outside of a National Guard Base with a car full of guns and Ammo...
    She was taking pictures of what she believed was a FEMA Concentration Camp being set up to incarcerate all of those who disobeyed the will of the anti christ, Obama.....

  2. I cannot believe that I have been the only person to comment on this.
    I just wrote a short condensation of the rise of fascism in Italy and compared the techniques of the powers that influence the behavior of Randy.