Saturday, August 1, 2009

Government Health Care

A Guest posting by Reality Wizard

In the 1940's Blue Cross was a Non Profit corporation that was Government regulated. During World War II, those who were not in one of the services, were working in the defense factories or supporting industries; and the vast majority of those Americans were covered by Blue Cross.

Those who were not covered by reason of age or other preventive factors had the availability of government funded clinics. The clinics provided the necessary care at hospitals and neighbor hood locations. Depending on your illness you went or were sent to the proper location.

At that time there was public transportation available. In fact there were not many cars. After WWII as the vets came home the GI Bill allowed them to get into training programs, Go to School, open a business, buy a house etc. Public housing and health clinics really made a difference and our economy boomed. Homes, cars, furnishings etc. were in great demand. The men worked and the wives stayed home and raised the children.

By the 1950's automobiles started coming in from Japan. For the manufacturers they were less expensive to build they had no unions, health care, no taxes, etc to pay for or manage.
The rest is history we lost our manufacturing base while our insurance and service cost escalated out of control. Insurance companies invested money in all areas with complete immunity to loss. If a stock dropped they just raised our insurance rates to cover it.

Greed soon got involved and it escalated out of control. Corporate bonuses, jets, foreign trips, gifts to politicians, donations to PAC’s and PRESTO we lost our economy, our government and our national dignity.

Now we have an opportunity to get back honest regulations in all the above factors. Not only health care but all insurances, manufacturing, transportation, investments, banking etc.

So in conclusion, "Common Sense" laws are NOT Socialism. They are regulations that provide for the public good. While providing for domestic tranquility and assuring the public welfare, as defined by law rather than a handout to lazy citizens.


  1. Man this is great, you have put together the chain of events, the scenario of corruption, the script of what really has taken place in America in the last 60 years as America became enurted to the burden of supporting the BEST DAMN SYSTEM IN THE WORLD!
    Living in France, married to a French citizen, I enjoy the security of knowing whatever happens, I will get the best health care avasilable, one way or another.
    I enjoy the benefits of a system of preventative medicine. I wish Americans could experience the relationship I have with my doctor and dentist.

    This was such a great synopsis of the history of the decay of the medical industry in America that I would like to cross post this on thebrainpolice if it is okay!

  2. Hello Microdot,
    Please feel free and I would be honored to have this posting crossed posted. Yes at one time the United States did have government health care that worked very well. Those who want to rant and rave that they don't want socialized "Obamacare" have no idea of their own history. They are truly a sad lot indeed just full of private health care CEO’s propaganda.

  3. Okey dokey, I'm going to post it with the byline reality wizard and thank you for the permission.
    I am also going to post a piece on socialism from the 1940's from YouTube that is pretty humorous.