Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Key Of David…Bible Prophecy

For several weeks now I have seen, with much half tuning out indifference, an ad on TV for a religious program called, “The Key Of David…Bible Prophecy.” The ad goes to a shot of the pastor, Gerald Flurry, as he goes on to say, “The bible says in Jeremiah that they will have the ability to destroy many nations.” With just this little snippet of his program, I guess the listener is supposed to insert the country of their choice that has the current event news item of the day. Iran, Iraq, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, etc, would do depending on who did what on any particular week.

The ad closes with, “Each week, Gerald Flurry discusses world events in light of Bible prophecy on “The Key Of David” television program. “The Key Of David” covers today’s most important events with a unique perspective of telling you what is happening to our society and our world, but also, more importantly, it tells you why. Tune in every Sunday morning at 7:00 AM to make clear what is going on in the world today through the light of Bible Prophecy.”

Well after many weeks of seeing this ad, I really took particular note this morning that this con man, Gerald Flurry, is using the Bible as a Crystal Ball that he can look into; find a sentence that supports what he is trying to convince everyone that the Bible predicted and prophesied on any particular week. I guess that it does not matter if the sentence is taken out of context of the complete paragraph’s central thought…if it is in the Bible and Gerald reads it…then the Bible predicted the events and warned true believers of the current situations to be aware of plus what is going to happen.

One could suspect that it is all based on Armageddon fear mongering because it plays so well with the type of people that gravitate and fall prey to the “Gerald Flurry” types of this world. Make note that these followers are more than willing victims of the “Gerald Flurry” con men types because they find excitement in the “Dooms Day” aspect. I would guess that it is the same adrenalin rush one gets from gambling that has become an addiction.

Now with a little bit of Googling, I found out that this all knowing and foreseeing “Church of God” pastor, on September 18, 1993, was arrested in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, and taken to jail after being found intoxicated and passed out behind the wheel of his automobile with an open container of intoxication liquor. When the officer asked for Gerald Flurry’s driver’s license, Gerald said that he did not have one but took out a $20 bill instead and tried to hand it to the officer. The officer repeatedly told Gerald Flurry to put away the money and proceeded to administer three field sobriety tests. Of course Gerald Flurry failed all three exceeding the legal maximum. At the trial Gerald Flurry pleaded “nolo contendre” to the charges and an unidentified person paid the many fines per each count on Gerald Flurry’s behalf.

Now I must say that even I can foresee and predict that if you drive drunk with the intoxication level so high that you pass out behind the wheel of the car….You are going to get arrested. No big mystery talent here is there?

In closing, my comments are if he is so good at predicting the future, why didn’t he see and avoid this drunk driving arrest? Oh yea by the way, be sure to send a large donation check so that this important TV program can stay on the air and tell true believers how to prepare for the future through Gerald Flurry’s interpretation prophecies.


  1. What's that old W.C. Field's line about a sucker born every minute? When 'adding' the bible to the mixture, surely the ratio triples! "For the bible says..." snags 'em every time! Will the ushers pass the collection plates?

  2. I wonder if I can get his viewers to buy into my post rapture pet rescue site.
    Maybe I can buy advertising on his show.

  3. What an alternate universe of psychotic blather...
    I keep running into self styled amateur theologians who claimed to have been studying biblical prophecy all their lives.

    Now I see the same ilk trying to tie interpretation of the American Constitution as a corelative link to the bible....
    This is utter insanity. They have created a warped filter iwhich they can justify anything and interpret any phrase to mean anything they want it to.

    The most horrifying thing to me about all of this is that anyone who is trapped in this mess is usually using the interpretations to predict the immenent end of the world. It's an escapist death wish.

  4. To: The Engineer of Knowledge
    Thanks for posting this bit of info about Flurry and his cult, which are strong believers in 'Armstrongism' (which it seems is making resurgence).

    One thing I can say, if you don't really know the Bible well, won't study it, or are easily lead but "what sounds good but has little substance", Flurry is your man.

    I recently came upon one of Mr. Flurry's shows titled: 'Declaring The Father', which would have you believe He's talking about God and how we should honor Him, but after hearing him say "that Christ was not trying to save the world now, or He certainly is failing, if He is trying to save the whole world now". How's that for you, absolutely crazy to say something like this.

    People should keep as far away from Flurry and his 'shows' as they possibly can. What he has to say is truly over the top, and misleading to say the least. I intend to start posting his shows on YouTube and other sites, in order to let people know what they should look out for. Thanks for this article.
    Jean M.

  5. This is a great post, I liked your blog and added your feed.... Keep on posting stuff like this.. GOD BLESS YOU

    Spiritual thinking

  6. u people down grade a person that knows the truth ive studied the bible for 15 some years and maybe if u would study as u should u would know the truth also instead of down grading stuff u know nothing about moses murdered a guy ,do u critisize him also???? what do u think a christian is flawless???? if u do then u are deceived as well???

  7. blah,blah blah......look at yourselves instead of at others since basically u say mr flurry is off the mark ive compared his teaching with the bible and u would see what he sees if your spiritua eyes where opened but its clear it isnt your time yet.....we all make mistakes and we should forgive as the bible stop down grading a person just because he teaches something u have no knowledge of.