Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Woodstock 40th Anniversary

I want to start off with the best wishes to everyone who are a part of the Woodstock Era Nation. I know I don’t have to tell everyone the history of Woodstock as I know all can savor their own memories. This posting is to send the blessing of Peace, Love For One Another, and listen to the best Rock & Roll Music that was produce in that era.

So to hell with the Conservative Talk Blowhards who would try to Divide, Find Blame, and just plain try to Destroy The Harmony Of This Diversity Nation.

Take a moment and see how what could have been a bad situation, turned out as a culture icon moment because those at Woodstock chose to accept, worked together, and let diversity be their banner.

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  1. I recently officially came out so to speak....
    I attended the Festival and through the 70's and the 80's, I really didn't talk about it.
    I was too busy being a post modern nihilist punk boy in New York and Woodstock was the old world.
    I wrote about my feelings in my post on thebrainpolice "By The Time I Got To Woodstock, My Zip Drive Died"
    Happily, I just bought a spanking new Zip Drive from ebay and I will have access to the photos I didn't get to publish.
    If you are interested in actually seeing some of my photos and reading my narrative of my experiences woven into a pastiche with many others, I could reccoment the book,
    Woodstock Peace, Music and Memories by Joanne Hague and Brad Littleproud.
    They have my portrait then and now.