Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Taken To Hospital With Chest Pains

During the recent Senate debate on health care, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), called on the American people to pray that a Democratic Senator would be unable to vote on the health care bill, in order to force Democrats to work with Republicans on the issue.

Well it looks like God’s viewpoint is much different than Tom Coburn’s and has sent a message, a sign as it were, to show the Republicans that God is for caring and kindness for mankind.

It appears that God struck down conservative radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, as a message that this blowhard needed to be stopped as he was taken to a Honolulu hospital with chest pains on Wednesday.

Paramedics responded to a call at 2:41 p.m. from the Kahala Hotel and Resort where Limbaugh is vacationing, KITV reported. The station, citing unnamed sources, said the 58-year-old Limbaugh was taken to The Queens Medical Center in serious condition.

Now many will remember well in 2001, Limbaugh reported he had lost most of his hearing due to an autoimmune inner-ear disease. He had surgery to have an electronic device placed in his skull to restore his hearing. Of course this was all just a lie because two years later Limbaugh acknowledged he was just another drug addict that was addicted to the pain medicine OxyContin or better known by its street name, “Hillbilly Heron.” His hearing loss was one of the side effects of long term OxyContin abuse.

Maybe it could be said to the fanatical religious right wing nut bags that Rush Limbaugh does not speak for God and has worked in his way to demonstrate that fact.


  1. Yes, Engineer, my thoughts too! Apparently Tom Colburn used a shotgun prayer the other day on the Senate floor! Or else, God has been aroused from a millennia-long sleep and has begun to pay attention to those who have been abusing his name for some time.

    What would dittoheads do without daily programming? How would they be able to hold a conversation with out stock lines to babble? The far-right world is truly in flux until The Drugster returns to the microphone.

  2. I read the news yesterday on the news service of a Honolulu Paper...they included the detail that Mr. Limbaugh was taking a pain medication for "back pain". I really think that Limbaugh is in deep denial of his problems, which is okay with me. This is the same guy who was stopped on his vacation in Honduras with a suitcase full of illegally prescribed Viagra. He is allowed to slide by on that, nobody outside of the perverted minds of us bloggers asked the question...what the fuck was he doing in Honduras with a suitcase full of Viagra? What kind of vacation was he on?
    No matter. He is a rich corrupt egomaniac who is in denial of any real problem and he has an entourage of syncophants who will bend to his will...didn't a certain pop star od and die on pain killers a few months ago because his doctors didn't want to lose their meal ticket?

    When I read the story, I was surprised to find that I was older the Limbaugh. I gaurantee you, I do not use Viagra or pain killers or psychoactive mood drugs of any kind. I take a few aspirins a year and am treated for asthma, but less and less these days...
    In fact, I woke up this morning, the first day of the new decade, which I am christening THE TERRIBLE TEENS with new and improved superpowers. I also discovered that I have the ablity to impart these superpowers to my blogging buddies, so Mr. Engineer, YOU HAVE BEEN SUPER EMPOWERED! GO FORTH AND RID THE PLANET OF STUPIDITY!

  3. Hello Microdot,
    Thank you for the Super Empowerment as I will use it wisely to stop stupidity across the planet.

  4. You want a real laugh? Check out the internet news reports on the different sites dealing with this story. You get most rational people who are hooting at Limbaugh and making jokes and then the "outraged" villagers acting as if this kind of behaviour vilates the most basic concepts of human decency, sir! Have you no shame?

    What's even funnier is that the pictures that the news services are using of Limbaugh are all stock photos shot quite a few years ago before he really bloated up and turned that unhealthy shade of yellowish purple...

    Even now, scientists are working day and night to save his brain in a vat of formeldehyde with wires connected to speakers so he can make his next radio broadcast and keep his sponsors...

  5. I'm disappointed.

    I was really counting on Rush croaking. It would have been a wonderful start to the new decade. Oh well, the year is young.

  6. Hello Hump,
    Yea the old toady Rush is now turning it into a, "We don't need health care reform and my latest stay just proved that." Well go figure that news flash, a multi-millionare like Rush does not need Health Care Reform.

    He is also saying that the Doctors said that his heart trouble, that is testing out OK now, was not caused by any pain killers. Does Cocaine abuse count as a pain killer? I am also thinking now, overdosing on Vigara would not count as a pain killer... right?

  7. I gotta believe that Viagra is being used for a sexual addiction. Wouldn't put it past him to be a pedophile, or a frequent user of prostitutes but I'm just speculating. (I mean, who'd actually do him for free?)

    These religious, right wing, holier than thou, Focus on the Family hypocrites so often get caught with their dicks out. Its just a matter of time. I can hardly wait.

  8. Interesting how the Honolulu News Service scrubbed all references to the back pain medication info that they were given when he was first admitted.
    The media cowards always clean up the dirt when they get a threat from some top gun lawyers.

    Mark my words, Limbaugh might have played for a little time here, but we are dealing with an extra large steaming pile of denial.
    "It wasn't beauty that killed the beast, it was the under the counter Viagra, oxycontrin etc, etc, etc....the cigars, etc...etc...the syncophantic staff catering to his demands...or else...etc...etc...that gigantorific steak and the pizza chaser and the bottle of scotch, cigars and pills, etc...etc...etc..."
    I am counting on his inablility to control his beastly appetites.