Saturday, January 2, 2010

Behind The 8 Ball Again

I want to start of this posting with a question. Does anyone know what country is leading the world in battery technology? The reason I have posed this question is that the country that develops the battery with the best storage per weight, size, and rechargeable time…will be the leaders in car manufacturing. Because whether or not who believes it today, the future in the auto industry will be in electric cars.

It was mentioned on the news this morning that China is now leading the world in battery technology and any auto maker who wants to use this battery, will have to license and purchase the batteries from China. (I have to remind everyone that China is still a communist government and their industries are government owned)

China has just bought the Hummer product line from GM, are in the process of purchasing Volvo from Ford to obtain the leading auto technology from this purchase.

Now I ask, do you think that China will favor their own auto industry or GM, Ford, BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc? It is my viewpoint that China is positioning themselves for a massive world economic war with the desired outcome to be the world’s economic leader. Instead of the world economy trading in U.S. Dollars as it is now, in the near future the preferred monetary to be traded will be the Chinese, “Meiyuan,” or what we here in the U.S. we pronounce, “yuan.”

In the early part of the decade, the largest tax cut was handed out to industry with the citizens being told that our U.S. industrial corporations need to purchase new, modernize, manufacturing equipment so we could be more competitive in the world market. The offset this loss in tax revenue was picked up and the burden was carried on the working class of this country. The accelerated tax right off of these expenditures was enjoyed by the corporate elite (as they awarded themselves large annual bonuses) and as they placed the tax burden on the working class citizens of this country, they purchased, built, and placed all manufacturing in Communist China. (Remember when my generation was drafted and sent to Viet Nam to fight communism over there so that it would not infiltrate and take over our country.) Well my “Dull and Dimwitted fellow citizens,” you have subsidized the loss of your own manufacturing jobs to be sent to Communist China. Yes our U.S. corporations found out that that subsidized communist labor force was pretty cheep and I guess communism was not so bad after all. Oh yea, I guess nobody cared that it was the U.S. labor force that supported our parents retirement and well being. I guess that was not important to those U.S. corporations that moved the manufacturing jobs to China.

I now just shake my head when I hear the hydro-carbon industry’s stogies like Sarah Palin touting, “Drill Baby Drill,” or any other corporate sponsored Republicans, without any world view lessons of what direction the rest of the world is going. Once again these corporations are marketing to the U.S. citizens to destroy our own environment, quality of living, future of our children, the health of our elderly parents, to prop up the status quo for the same corporations that would just as soon screw you up the bung hole as to have any social conscience to the country and citizens that enabled them to reach their status in the first place.


  1. The American Auto Industry is like a gargantuan 3 4 year old child, who when faced with a demand, starts squalling, "I can't...I don't wanna..."
    It is pathologically fascinating to observe them engage in the self destructive behaviour that only preserves the profits of the very top of the executive totem pole for the immediate present.

    I gots mines's...

    They will take years to enact any meaningful retooling and design. We will see some high end models that can be marketed to compete with the foreign competitors and we will be urged to buy American even as these expensive machines are being made out side of the USA...

    It's interesting to see the marketing of American cars here in Europe. The lines are different and made to compete with the cars made here.
    This was the most profitable year in a decade for the French Car Industry...of course, the Frech were offering a substantial subsidy for those who traded in an older model for a new more efficient car.

    I'm still waiting for the MDI Air Cars to get themselves together. The last I heard, they were now owned by tata motors and the production date was pushed back until 2011.

  2. Hello Microdot,
    Very good points and I did not know that Europe had their own, “Cash for Clunkers” program. I have a classmate whose younger brother owns many car dealerships. GM, Ford, Mazda, Nilsson, Kia, etc. One night he and I along with some other old classmates were at dinner at a local restaurant and he confided that it was the “Cash for Clunkers” program, a program that the uber conservatives want to bash President Obama with, is what saved their car business from going under. Yes these conservative business men did not have any problem with this liberal program but in fact were praising it as the saving of their company.

    On another note, in the last few years Ford built an engine manufacturing plant in India and these car engines will be shipped all over the world to be put into Ford cars in every countries’ assembly plant. To summarize, no car engines will be made in the U.S. or any other country for that mater. They will all be made in India. More U.S. working class jobs being sent over seas but I am sure the Ford ads will tout, “Buy American, Made American Tough!”

  3. Have you checked out the MDI Air Car technology?
    Thet really are on the verge of production, the only thing holding them back is the infrastructure needed to support the technology.