Wednesday, January 6, 2010


From the news offices of “Engineer of Knowledge” comes an exclusive news report of a news breaking investigation that shows there may very well be a scam perpetrated on the “Believe Anything So Long As It Has a Conservative Spin!!”
I am here to show that there may very well be proof that Ann Coulter of Conservative Radio is really the rocker and practical joker, Tom Petty.

Below are photos that show too much similarities between photos of Tom Petty and if you dressed him as a Drag Quean. Well as many may see that there is what some may conclude that Ann Coulter does look just like Tom Petty in Drag. Just add some hair extensions and fake eye lashes on Tom Petty and "Hocus Pocus" …..You have Ann Coulter.

There is some photograph evidence that Ann Coulter may very well be an Alien that has Pod People Tom Petty.


  1. That is some freaky hand she's got there, not to mention that bulimic-looking shoulder and upper arm. Thanks for a good laugh. I did one like this a while back claiming that Sarah Palin and Amy Winehouse were twins separated at birth.

  2. I've always thought that Coulter was male and/or transgendered. One wonders what her childhood was like, but one might guess that it was ugly.

    Of course those who are her 'faithful' must have similar deviant characteristics and double-digit IQ's.

  3. There is no question that Petty and Coulter are one in the same person. After all, have you ever seen them appear together??

    I rest my case.

  4. Coulter is one of the more bizarre phenomena of our politicized insanity....
    She on one hand is the gift that keeps on giving, but on the other hand, she really knows how to connect with the idiots...They think she is HOT!

    Of course when you have to go home to a 280 pound fundamentalist Kentucky fried momma, Kermit The Frog looks HOT!

    Have you read her latest rap about how the real danger from suicide plane bombers is anal and foreskin bombs? no joke...she be the bitch who say it!

  5. btw, has anyone asked Tom Petty what he thinks about this?