Thursday, November 12, 2009

Faith Friendly Boobs?!?

Miss California, Carrie Prejean, appeared on CNN's Larry King Live to promote her new book, "Still Standing." Carrie Prejean's Larry King interview started well enough, stating that Sarah Palin was a personal hero. The dethroned pageant queen said that she nearly walked off the Larry King Live Wednesday night when he made the comment that it has been revealed the pageant had paid for her breast implants. Ms. Prejean’s replied that her fake boobs were just fine with her devout Christian faith: “I don't think there's anything wrong with getting breast implants as a Christian . . . I don't see anywhere in the Bible where it says you shouldn't get breast implants.”

She was eventually dismissed from her contract amid allegations she failed to make scheduled public appearances. Ms. Prejean sued the pageant for religious discrimination, among other things, and rumors suggest she dropped that lawsuit after pageant lawyers played a pornographic movie starring the beauty queen during arbitration talks. It has continued to come to light that there are as many as 15 to 20 movie clips of her pleasuring herself and performing sex with many different male partners. Carrie Prejean asked a former boyfriend to testify falsely that she was only 17 years old making her a minor when the movies were made. Her hopes of professing this lie were so that the movie clips then could not be made public. The boyfriend’s reply to Ms. Prejean was that he would not commit perjury under oath in court for her. He went on to say that his association with Carrie Prejean is that he had met and spent 4 days in a San Diego hotel together on their first date.

Recently the ever professing “Christian Faith” Prejean bailed on a Republicans-only speaking engagement at the Washington DC Capital Hill Club just minutes before her speech was due to begin on Thursday. Carrie Prejean’s sudden decision to cancel her speaking engagement came about after the ex-boyfriend told she had asked him to lie about her sex tape and say it was made when she was underage so that she could sue to stop it being released. The truth is that Carrie Prejean was 20 at the time she made her now famous porno movie clips.

Now for those who are still interested, the anti-gay bashing, Christian Faith professing, Carrie Prejean's book, "Still Standing", can be found at all good bookstore bargain bins.


  1. Well, now...thats my kinda Christian.
    Frankly, I'd accept Jebus into my life just for four days with her in a hotel. OK four hours. Fine, four minutes will do.

    Of all the low life hypocritical, stupid crap she's responsible for in her life, I'd have to say her embracing Sarah Palin as her hero is the worst.

    Let me know when you post one of her "solo" videos. Hallelujah!! Thank ya Jeeezus!

  2. uhhh? did she say she embraced sarah palin?
    now that's the kind of kinky stuff that could really make the big bucks for miss prejean if you know what I mean!
    Listen, have her agent call my agent and they'll have lunch and we'll get a movie deal,then broadway....then a movie of the musical...we'll make millions!

  3. That entire goofy christian right lives in the State of Delusion 24/7 so up is down, in is out.

    Which is why people in South Carolina [read fundamentalist christians] prefer the adulterous and tax-dollars-for-sex Sanford to Lindsay Graham.

    Jesus loves you.