Wednesday, November 25, 2009


By Richard Dawkins

Being a man of science myself, this week as we celebrate and recognize Charles Darwin’s published science facts, I decided to complement this evolutionary science with a posting of Richard Dawkins.

The bible thumping, delusional, science fact deigning, folks whom funded and visit the Creation Museums popping across the country, are accomplishing nothing but dragging their children into a pit of regressive education.

Since its conception, one of the strengths of this country’s economical edge was our science lead within the world. Putting this country’s science edge into the hands of the Fanatical Religious Right, as stated in the video clip, has just placed our standing well below the competitiveness of other countries we have to economically compete with.

One of the most important issues in this country today is not Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, it is the oppressive agenda from within of those whom would insist that science facts be ignored and be replaced with their religious fundamental viewpoints.


  1. "The bible thumping, delusional, science fact deigning, folks whom funded and visit the Creation Museums..."

    They also vote in large percentages and continue to have a large say in education and curriculum here in America which is why we rank so low in science achievement when compared to the world.

  2. Just started Dawkins book. pretty good stuff.

    Americans are, I am sorry to say, largely morons. Just imagining some large number find sarah palin qualified for president scares the shit out of me. That as a nation more people embrace creationism and reject evolution than any other industrialized nation except Turkey says it all.

    I did an interview with the BBC World Servie News this morning about my pet rapture site. They also had a guy on who was a rapture believer. I got the distinct impression the Brits thought that guy was an imbecile, and that my perspective is as rare as hens teeth here. How embarrassing for us.

  3. Man, when is the interview going to be on?
    I listen to BBC World Service almost every night before I go to sleep! It's my little daily link with the spoken english language...
    I'll listen tonight, they repeat the same stuff a few times on Outlook where I think it might be...then there's a program on religious themes...

    I read The God Complex by Dawkins, absolutely brilliant, but Dawkins writing on biology and evolution is a very good place to start if you want to have working knowlege of the real science that drives these concepts stated in terms and a way that makes it possible for anyone who wants to...UNDERSTAND!

  4. Micro,

    it will air sunday. we hear it here on NPR.

    But it sucked...they had me interviewed along with a nut who believes in the rapture. A totsal waste of my time. Mundane questions, only a 5 or 6 minute segment. Didn't even get to whore my book :(

    this was the worst interview I've done out of the 25 or so on my post rapture pet rescue business.

  5. Hey, Mr. Engineer, I've been watching BBC's series on Darwin all week on ARTE here in france.
    One of the main "talking heads" is Dawkins.
    I wonder if it ever got shown in the states?
    I recently read and wrote about the Darwin Movie having trouble being distributed in American Theaters due to Fundamentalist boycott threats...
    Why is America allowing itself to be governed by the rule of hissy fits?
    IGNORE THEM! They will go away...