Monday, October 26, 2009

The Art Of Freak Dancing

It is my belief that it is the diversification in this country; The Great Melting Pot, that has always been the driving force of progress, that we have adapted, changed course, and held high the standard for others to immolate proudly.

A good example of this multi-ethnic blending was the band,” Santana,” that exploded on the music rock scene when they played at Woodstock. Santana’s Afro-Latin rhythms which pioneered a blend of rock, salsa, and jazz fusion took rock to a whole new level and direction that no one was expecting. The band's sound was a blend of the Black, Latin, and White members and featured Carlo’s melodic, B.B. King influenced blues-based guitar lines, set against Black Soul base lines, and Latin percussion such as timbales and congas.

This is why I have chosen this video clip for you to enjoy. So dance like no one is watching, let yourself go, and embrace the diversity that is OURS!!

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