Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Delmarva Peninsula Jumps Into The 21st Century With The NASA Space Program

Here on the Delmarva Peninsula we have a NASA facility on Wallops Island. This is the same location that the famous book, “Misty” the Chincoteague Pony story that has been popular with many pre-teen girls may remember reading.

NASA’s Wallops Island Flight Facility is home to American innovation and new jobs on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The popular Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski was at Wallops Island to help break ground for launch facilities to support Orbital Science Corporation’s work on the Taurus II space launch vehicle that will be used to re-supply the International Space Station after NASA retires the Space Shuttles. Senator Mikulski stated, “Here on the Eastern Shore, people used to earn their living off the land or off the water. Now they are also going to earn their living off of space

The pad is scheduled for construction, along with other facilities to support Orbital Science Corporation's Taurus II rocket program. The 130-foot-tall rocket carrying Orbital's Cygnus spacecraft will be used to take cargo to the International Space Station. A demonstration flight is scheduled for late next year, followed by eight re-supply missions to the space station between 2011 and 2015.

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