Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Walter and Koko Taylor

With my good friend Microdot out in the grape fields of France, I thought that I would pass on this piece in honor of his blog site.

Little Walter is the stage name of Marion Walter Jacobs (May 1, 1930 – February 15, 1968), a blues singer, harmonica player, and guitarist. Little Walter is generally included among blues music greats from Chess Records. His virtuosity and musical innovations fundamentally altered many listeners' expectations of what was possible on blues harmonica. Little Walter's body of work earned him a spot in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the sideman category on March 10, 2008, making him the only artist ever to be inducted specifically for his work as a harmonica player.

I found this piece where Little Walter is performing with the great blues legend, Koko Taylor with her signature song Wang Dang Doodle. So please enjoy Little Walter’s blues harmonica complementing Koko’s rough and powerful vocals as she belts it out. In my opion, it really doesn't get any better than this!!


  1. Yeah, man, it doesn't get any better than that.

  2. I had to post a comment here as I recently posted a bio of Koko after hewr death last month. I saw here in Ann Arbor, MI on quite a few occasiona.
    Shew was performing with spirit and great energy up to last weeks of her life.
    I love Little Walter! I have been playing harmonica since I was a child, but never have been able to coax the soul out of the instrument like he does!
    I saw Buddy Guy and Little Walter perform a few times in the 70's in Ann Arbor as well!
    Thanks for this great post!
    I'm back.....
    Thanks for the mention!