Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Wit Prince Movie

The opening scene starts out with Harry Potter and Professor Dumbledore in a sober discussion with the seriousness of the “Storm Of Past Evil” brewing unrest within the universe. Both agreed that everyone on earth is in danger of this evil rearing its ugly head again trying to take back the position and the abusive power that it once imposed on the world population for eight years.

This evil force ran unleashed and unrestrained because the “Evil Anointed One,” the one called, “The Half-Wit Prince,” had so many fooled into thinking he was one with a pure “Born Again Soul.” In truth, his soul and brain had long been burned out with too many years of alcohol and cocaine abuse, that nether had any true functioning remains within the empty shell of his physical body.

Unfortunate, many bought into the myth because he was the first born of a past leader who failed so poorly that the masses purged him upon their first chance to do so.

What many did not realize before it was too late was that the “Half-Wit Prince” had an evil accomplice. This accomplice had gotten his training from an ancient evil that went by the clownish name of “Tricky Dickey.” This sorcerer's apprentice, who was schooled and mentored by the ancient evil, took the name of his master, “Dick,” in honor of the spells that were taught to him.

This “Dick from the land of Cheney,” (which loosely translates into), “He who on a rare occasion wipes his own ass but still likes to smell his fingers after doing so,” set out on a mission to take over all of the earth’s oil reserves, and to skim off as much of the American Tax Payers' dollars, making both very obscenely wealthy.

The “Storm Of Past Evil” had a feminine stoogie cohort who goes by "Caribou Barbie." Their evil plan was based in the hopes she would be able to bring forth a new age and rebirth of their old brand of evil making everyone’s life unbearable. The “Storm Of Evil Past,” power fabricated a religious myth so those who are easily led astray, the “Fanatical Religious Right Wing,” could be whipped up into a blind faith frenzy carrying the “Storm Of Past Evil” into power on the shoulders of the mindless once again.

The evil plan was foiled by a loose group of “Intelligent Blogger Sentinels” who are educated, and on the constant watch exposing every time the “Storm Of Evil Past” thought that it had found a dropped guard or a week link in their vigil alertness.

The final scene is with the “Intelligent Blogger Sentinels” lamenting that their service to the world community is sometimes a thankless job, but they have the satisfaction of knowing that they are keeping the earth safe from the “Storm Of Past Evil.” Yes, being able to stop the evil council of the “Half-Wit Prince,” “Dick from the land of Cheney,” and the non-functioning in the real world “Caribou Barbie,” which is enough thanks for this unassuming group.

The camera fades to black, and closing words, “THE END” closes the movie leaving everyone with a happy ending but with the knowledge and realization that the “Storm Of Evil Past” will try to return again soon.

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