Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sarah Palin’s Maverick Persona, Her Achilles Heel

As time counts down to the end of this month for Sarah Palin as Governor of Alaska, so goes the hopes for the Fanatical Religious Right Wing of the Republican Party.

As late as March of this year, a senior official from the Republican Governors Association headed for Alaska on a secret mission to mentor and to perform damage control for Sarah Palin. After the exposure of her blatant incompetence on the national level, Sarah Palin was now beset with political and personal turmoil back in Alaska. Some powerful supporters even put together an intervention trying to pull her governorship, and her national future, back from the brink of disaster.

The problem was that just as soon as Sarah Palin returned to Alaska from her meltdown on the national election stage disaster, she continued her relentless string of professional and personal incompetence that quickly put this goal out of reach. As soon as she returned home, the Governor was isolated from an increasingly critical Alaskan Legislature.

Lawmakers who had supported her signature effort to develop a natural gas pipeline, turned into uncooperative critics. Soon ethics complaints mounted, and legal bills followed. At home Sarah Palin was dealing with a teenage daughter who had given birth to a son and broken up with the infant’s father.
The Republican Governors Association’s executive director, Nick Ayers, arrived with a damage control memorandum containing firm counsel that stated the advice:

1. Make a long term schedule and stick to it.

2. Have staff members set aside ample and inviolable family time to replenish your spirits.

3. Build a coherent home state agenda that creates jobs and ensures re-election.

Unfortunately, Sarah Palin was more interested in keeping her “Maverick Persona” than listening to the advice of those within the Republican Party with much more experience on how to handle her situations. Sarah Palin would give the false impression of gladly receiving the advice sent by influential supporters, but then would just discard and ignore this advice trying to help her. In retrospect, Sarah was her own worst enemy and it was evident that she is the reason for her marching, as if in a trance, towards her inevitable resignation.

In conclusion, when the Fanatical Religious Right Wing Lemmings showed up at her Vice-Presidential rallies and chanted, “Run Sarah Run,” the rest of us were thinking, “Yea, Run Back to Alaska Caribou Barbie Because We Are Not Going To Allow You To Force Your Incompetence On The Rest Of Us.” With all the Republican help she had trying to make her a functioning person, the result was that her incompetence still won out with the proof of her resignation as Governor.


  1. Her incompetence? Does that REALLY matter these days, especially in GOPland? Certainly not! As long as she is christian and knows the right code words and phrases, the cultists will still vote for her, wink and all.

    Dope slap!

  2. Hello Muddy,
    You bring up a good point. I know too many people who for the most part are intelligent, but when it comes to DRINKING the Christian Code Words and Phrases Kool-Aid, they turn off their brains.

    During this past election, I thought that if I saw another Sarah Palin campaign button....I was going to have to take a hostage!!!