Thursday, June 18, 2009

James von Brunn Hated President Barack Obama But Loved Kiddy Porn

Investigators are beginning to piece together the life of James von Brunn. As if this story could not get any stranger, authorities say they found child pornography on a computer belonging to the white supremacist who was charged with shooting and killing a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

In a document filed Wednesday, FBI officials say they found the material on von Brunn’s computer that was seized last week from his home in Annapolis, Md.

Well doesn’t this just make the Sicko’s life story complete. It is getting more like a really bad “B” rated TV script. Maybe something like, “CSI Lynchburg, VA.”

I am sure that he has been told in the past that he is a "Righteous Man" on "God's Own Path" to make the world safe for good Christians of this earth. Mean while he is wanking off to pictures of nude children.


  1. Yes, it is a sick sad story and an extreme case in it's culmination and bizarre ending, but are the symptoms of his psychosis so unusual?
    America is filled with self righteous indignant individuals who believe they are somehow, endowed with the mission of imposing their repressive control on the rest of us.
    Everything foreign is a threat to our purity of race, thought and national honor.

    Meanwhile, paritioned off, in another part of the mind is an obsession with what he condemns.
    Is this so unusual in this type of personality?
    Rush Limbaugh with his illegal Viagra on a loner vacation to The Beaches of Honduras?
    Newt Gingrich and his hushed up sexual history?
    Strut as he may, the man will never stand the lare of public moral scrutiny is ghe tries to run again for higher about living in a fantasy world.

    Just two nights ago on French television, I was watching my favorite unsolved crime show...actual;ly, it's my wifes favorite show and it concerned the murder of a very important conservative far right politician in Nice.
    He was one of the heads of the Front National and a fervent catholic, a member of the renegade traditionalist far right catholic sect of the excommunicated Cardinal LeFevre and a member of Opus Dei.
    He was murdered savagely in his home and the murder is unsolved almost 20 years later.
    The biggest link the police have is the fact that when they searched the home, they found a locked, secret room fitted out as a Sado Maschistic Bondage Sex Room.

  2. Hello Microdot,
    Your comments are very well stated and accurate. I have a good friend since childhood who has a degree is Sociology. His take is, what ever someone is extremely outraged about, this is what they really are themselves.

    For instance, Rush Limbaugh had mentioned several times on how drug addicts should be thrown out of the country…Of course he was eating enough illegal (hillbilly heroin) oxycontin to knock out an elephant. This self loathing lard ass had the nerve to write a book titled, “The Way Things Ougth To Be,” which was his version of how everyone else should live their lives. He can’t even run his own life, I’ll be damned if he’ll run mine.

    Jimmy Swaggart ranted and raged about the sin of fornifacation and he gets caught with a hooker playing with herself in the front seat of his car. Of course this happen twice. Once right after his circus act crying plea to his television watchers and God to forgive him. “I have sinned against you Lord……but I have to wrap this up because I have Latisha booked to do her sex act at 3:00 this afternoon. I’ll take the church limo to pick her up. How do we stand on those church donations? Let me take out a couple grand so I can pay her in cash.”

    Rev. Ted Haggard’s who ministry each Sunday was on the sin of Homosexuality. Oh how it was an abomination against God’s word. This country needs to arrest all of these sinners performing sins against nature and God’s will, as he holds up his Bible to the congregation. Again, as soon as the cameras are off, he is calling in his favorite boy toy to give him a massage and engage in his own homosexual acts while doing illegal drugs. Good for Teddy!!!

    There are many examples that we could go on and on about the Freudian aspect of those who are so screwed up and their compensation is to find fault with everyone else’s life. This is the only way they can feel good about themselves.