Sunday, June 7, 2009

Follow Up Research on Stupid People Posting

I decided to do some follow up research on my posting “Make The Stupid People Shut Up.” The Letter To The President from the 4th grade teacher, as I had suspected, was a lying fake from a God professing Christian.

The following link is the proof that the person in question DID not send it:
[link to]

The Truth:
This Letter began appearing in email in baskets, commentaries and internet blogs shortly after President Obama's 2009 trip to Europe.

Ms. Kathleen Lyday is a real person, works for Grandview Elementary School in Hillsboro, MO but told that she did not author this letter.

Ms. Lyday said that she is outraged that someone used her name and the phone / fax number of the school where she worked and could have possibly gotten her fired from her position with the school board. "We have not found who actually wrote this only that it was generated on the web site"

She went on to say that some person that professes to believe in God would fabricate such a lie.

I also decided to do more research on the author’s outrage that President Obama bowed to King Abdullah when in Saudi Arabia. There are many examples of Presidents following protocol offering gestures of respect to foreign dignitaries. Where was the outrage of this letter’s author when in 2005 the Saudi King visited George W. Bush at the Crawford ranch where he was greeted by former President with a kiss? If President Obama had done this I am sure the God revering Christian would have put the HOMO label on him.


  1. As we expected.

    But then again, lying and deception are Christian sacraments.

  2. It is depressing to me as to how many people get their talking points from emails like this and others that go viral in the conservative/fundamentalist world.
    Again, it is the brainless circus of the absurd unicycle routine of only wanting to believe the custom made factoids that are custom made for them to believe.

    microdot quote for the day:
    Looking to religion for guidance is like asking a prehistoric mammoth frozen in a glacier for a weather forecast.

  3. Ah, yes, the 'source' of wisdom of the fundamentalist crowd is the specious email 'news' which bounces around from one righteous box to the next.

    Sad creatures. in fact, I posted some thoughts about them just today.