Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How did we ever fight a war without Halliburton before?

I keep thinking about the debate on how or why Halliburton was getting “No Bid” contracts right in the middle of the Iraq War. It was during this time that the Right Wing Conservative Radio was repeating over and over so that the mindless had it embedded in their week minds so deeply the statement that Halliburton was the only company that could do the construction / reconstruction work in Iraq.

Of course I found myself screaming at the radio, “WHO DO YOU THINK built the landing strips, berthing, and infrastructure to operate the military bases across the Pacific during WWII. HOW DID WE build the docks at Normandy after the initial landing to make sure the supply lines could support the troops pushing towards Germany? WHO built the bases in Korea while battles were going on during that war? WHO built all of the military bases in Viet Nam while fighting was going on?

Yes, I am speaking to all of the dumb ass that mindless repeated that in Iraq we had to have Halliburton build all of the troop barracks, electrical generation and power distribution grid to power the military bases, etc. I have just one simple question…..Does the Navy no longer have the Sea Bees and did the Army get rid of the Corp. of Engineers? We all know the answer is NO!!!! So why is it that Halliburton / KBR can do substandard work that killed 18 service men but still get $80 Million bonus money.....beeeeeecause, "They are the only ones that can do the work"…….Yea RIGHT.

How dumb and unthinking can the Right Wing Lemmings swallow and spout back the blatant stupidly of what the Conservative Radio puts out. How did we ever defeat Germany and Japan without Halliburton to come to our rescue? So heres to all of the DUMB ASSES. I am sure John Wayne would be asking you, "Are you really that F#*KING DUMB Pilgram? Life is Tough. It’s Tougher if you’re stupid."


  1. Thanks for a great post. My friend Il Principe is always going on about the Military Industrial Complex. I think he's right. Haliburton is a big part of it.

  2. Hello Mkeb,
    President Eisenhower’s White House Departing Speech warned the American people of being taken in by fabricated wars to enhance the company’s revenues.

    I can only think what General Eisenhower’s reply would have been if one of these Conservative Talk Radio stated that Halliburton should get “No Bid” Contracts because they are the only ones who can do the work. He would have looked at them like they had three heads……and yet there is a segment of our society that believed and repeated this exact stupid statement.