Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Proud Moment From Two Potential 2012 Republican Party Presidential Candidates

The recent events are a perfect example on how the Extreme Fundamental Christians, Conservative Right Wing’s actions have screwed up my Republican Party.

Last week, just two weeks after taking the first steps toward a 2012 presidential bid, conservative Republican Sen. John Ensign of Nevada admitted to an extramarital affair last year with a campaign aide. Ensign who was a rising star in conservative circles and Nevada’s most popular Republican Politician, also belongs to the men’s Christian ministry "Promise Keepers," and has championed causes pushed by the GOP’s conservative religious base. Earlier this month, he went to Iowa, home to the nation’s first presidential precinct caucuses, to speak as part of a conservative lecture series designed to define the GOP after its shattering defeat in last year’s presidential and congressional elections. Last year, Ensign was named chairman of the Republican Policy Committee. (Is't this rich) Ensign was even highly critical of former Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, after Craig’s arrest in an airport bathroom homosexual sting. Ensign stopped short of urging Craig to resign but suggested strongly that he should. Ensign was quoted, “I wouldn’t put myself hopefully in that kind of position.” Oop-seeee!?!? My Bad??? Oh, did I do that????

Now late this afternoon, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford said that he has been involved in an extramarital affair with a woman in Argentina. Sanford even though that his own self interest's was worth his while not to even be at home with his family on Father’s Day. Sanford became a hero to the Extreme Conservative Wing Nuts within the Republican Party when he played to the fiscal conservatives in rejecting the Obama federal stimulus funds. For doing this, he has been mentioned as a possible presidential prospect.

Both of these men within the Republican Party, the ones who hold up “Family Values” as if they had the monopoly on this issue, have both been involved with lying, cheating, and infidelity against their wives. Their self-proclaiming moral high ground is nothing more than the typical hypocritical crap that comes from the Christian, Extreme Right Wing Conservatives. The sooner the Moderate Republican’s purge this extreme cancer from within the Party……THE BETTER!!!


  1. Like you, I was a repub once. That stopped two years ago when I came to realize the Republican Party abandoned logic, reason, and me for rightwing intolerant homophobic war mongering religious fanatics.

    I fear the Party is lost forever. I'm an Independent now. I voted for a Dem Presidential candidate for the first time in my life. I'm glad i did.

    Considering what the repubs have fronted as their best hopes for the future... The two fucktards you mentioned, plus Sarah ("the insipid")Palin, Bobby ("the exorcist") Jindal, and Mike ("The Creationist") Shmuckabee, I see little hope of ever regaining moderate leadership, or common sense, or any good ideas from the GOP.

    Let them rot in their irrelevance.

  2. Hello Hump,
    I don't know why the ultimate bastion of Extreme Right Wing Conservative Nut Jobs, Gush Limblob and Sean Handjobity, just announce and start running for President and Vice-President of the United States. For selfish reasons of my blog….this would be the dream ticket for me. After all, if you listen to them, they have all of the answers don’t they.

    Can you imagine the fun we would have, and we all know that they would not have a chance in hell winning, so there is no real threat of them actually getting in power. Maybe then it would be the death blow from this Uber Right and we could get back to normal.

    Here in the 1st district of Maryland, we use to have a moderate Republican Congressman, Wayne Gilchrest, who served for many years. I have worked on many projects with him and I can say that he was one of the few honest ones. But this past election, the Extreme Right Wing, (with their Sarah Palin buttons) voted for a “bought and sold” corporate mouth piece. Now the true justice was, the underdog Democratic candidate, won and is doing a fine job. By the way, all of the moderate Republicans including Wayne Gilchrest campaigned and worked against the nut job Republican candidate.

    I have thought about leaving the party, but I was a Republican before those gas bags took over so I decided to be a pain in their ass and I can do that from within. I can hope by pointing out the stupidity of some of their statements and show them examples of how they are wrong, will someday make a difference. I remember talking to Jack Kemp. He was spouting the company line and I gave examples showing him where he was incorrect. He admitted that I was correct, but I was not paying him to pass on what the Republican Party wanted to be passed on as the true. Oh Well.

    By the way, I voted for Clinton twice, Gore and Kerry once, and of course Obama will be twice when he wins his second term.

  3. Gentlemen- great comments. I grew up in a GOP family when people like Robert Taft, Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford, Dwight Eisenhower, Everett Dirksen and Margaret Chase Smith brought real passion and honest viewpoints into the governance of this nation. Those days are way-gone as the GOP is now in its 2nd decade of being held hostage by the far-right coup led by Gingrich and Cheney.

    Check out this link

    This group is attempting to revive the party and bring it back into the mainstream of political thought.

    If Limbaugh, Savage, Gingrich, Hannity and Cheney have their way, you can kiss goodbye to the once grand old party. Americans have tired of these idiots and their fear-mongering and war-mongering.

  4. It's hard to actually govern if all you can do is manipulate. Grasping and holding on to power by any means isn't governing.
    Embracing the christian right and "values" meant selling out to being mere fronts for vague hypocritical concepts that have very little to do with the way peoiple actually live. They embraced the sham facade.

    Actually, Governor Sanford and Senator Ensign, wern't really responsible for their marital troubles. The Conservatives had already predicted that if gay marriage became legal, it would threaten heterosexual marriage!
    So sad, too bad....You can blame states like Iowa and's all their fault!

  5. sounds like we are all on the same wave length.

    Some day, when:
    - the New Hampshire Republican Party Platform no longer says that "We are united in our belief in God";

    -when George HW Bush apologizes for saying that I, a Bronze Star awarded , Combat Infantry Badge wearing Viet Nam Vet "... isn't a patriot, and maybe not even an American" because i'm an atheist;

    -when the Presidential candidate doesnt grovel at the feet of the Rick Warrens, and court the support of the Rev. Hagees and their radicle fundamentalist flock ;

    -when they realize that homosexuality isn't a choice and gays are entitled to full rights as citizens; that control of a woman's uterus is a woman's right; that spreading OUR democracy at the point of a gun and with the death of our soldiers, to people who never had, don't understand, and don't want it is dumb; when they stop promulgating religiosity in our bed rooms, our schools, on public property and in their decision making...

    Maybe, just maybe, I'll come back to them.
    Until then I shall remain a social liberal and a fiscally conservative Independent moderate.