Saturday, February 5, 2011

Teabaggers Display Their Ignorance Yet Once Again

I pointed out on another blog that the Bush / Cheney inherited a Budget Surplus and before them this country was paying down the National Deficit.

I was then accused by a Teabagger who barely has a 6th grade education that I was engaging in revisionism history. This Teabagger, with only a 6th grade education, went onto say that he did not recall one dime of the Annual Budget Surplus that Bush and Cheney inherited was being used to pay down the national debt before they took over.

Well below are data charts from the Public Debt, United States Department of the Treasury and the Budget Data from the Congressional Budget Office.

As we all know from the viewpoints of the Teabaggers, facts have an obvious liberal slant.

So in conclusion, if you want to know the viewpoint of someone with just a 6th grade education, go visit your local Elementary School Yard. At least you will find more TRUTH there than with the Tea Party Members.


  1. Well put, Engineer of Knowledge. The teabaggers may be entitled to their own opinions, but they are NOT entitled to their own bogus "facts." THEY are the real revisionists here!

  2. Yes, but they are only doing homage to their greatest saint, the sacred ronnie, who is being venerated and celebrated in their quaint ceremonies and rituals through out teabag land and they will solemnly chant the sacred ronnie chant in unison: FACTS ARE STUPID THINGS!

  3. Hello Jack and Microdot,
    Thank you for your enlightened comments.

    As Microdot has quoted Ronny Reagan, "Facts are Stupid Things," and as Jack has said, "Teabaggers are NOT entitled to quote bogus facts to prove their logical argumentive talking points.

    Reagan may have a medical condition as an excuse, but the Teabaggers are just plain DUMB ASSES!!

    Like Roseanne Barr said on the Tavis Smiley show, the Ultra Conservative Republicans are taking advantage of the mentally ill. They really SHOULD be ashamed of themselves and not proud of any political gains for do so.