Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bill O’Rielly’s Pinheads and Patriots

I saw this book at Barns & Nobles yesterday and the title jumped out at me, “Pinheads and Patriots.” I am sure that O’Rielly is trying to project that if you do not agree with his viewpoints, you are a Pinhead; and if you do agree, you must be a Patriot. What ever.

Of course my mind instantly jumped to that in many cases, the name Pinhead was much more applicable to those claiming the current “Patriot” mantle. Non-critical thinking, non-questioning, merely repeating mindlessly what they are programmed to drivel on and spout back simply because this is what they want reality to be.

So in this spirit of mindset, my book review for this book that I did not read, I have concluded that it is just pure crap and not worth the $20 (plus or minus ether way). I really have no idea how much they were asking for this book.


  1. Whatever they were asking, it was too much. That guy is a pinhead who thinks he's a patriot, and he's a liar, too.

  2. Hello Jack,
    It is the constant and daily poisonous spew that started from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Rielly and the other “Fox Clones” that has misinformed, misled, and instilled such hate in those who do not think for themselves.

    As I have stated often before, “History will repeat itself.”

    It was Adolf Hitler in a candid moment who said, “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think."

    Just like PT Barnum who made a fortune by recognizing the foolishness of people. As far as propaganda, the right wing is very good at it today. Examples of changing Estate Tax to Death Tax so that the dumbest can relate to the issue even if not understanding it at all. Being allowed to spy on computer records, wiretap phones with out warrants, all in a bill called the “Patriot Act.” Some fall for he propaganda that the "Income Tax is voluntary" or "The US is a republic not a democracy," etc. The propaganda for the past decades of, "I'll cut your taxes and then place the government into $11 trillion of debt by borrowing from other countries and now to the point of bankruptcy and default."

    Now the ultra conservative right has created a crises to engage in Union Busting, cutting programs that are the safety nets for citizens when corporate abuses put us there.

  3. I have to agree with you about the title of this book EoK as that was my first reaction. It also cause me to think of frequent commentor at the Man with the Muckrake who shall remain unnamed.

    As your previous post pointed out, this may be the calibre of US media (I was going to say "journalism") due to cuts in public media.

  4. Hello Laci,
    Yes the Mental Moron is a prime candidate for this book as it reinforces what he would like to think reality is and does play into his delusions…..just more to pity if he were not so obnoxious with his persistence at being wrong. But what would you expect from a 6th grade education at best.

    I will truly miss my BBC, PBS News, and other intellectually geared programming as we have spoken about.

  5. You can always access the BBC via internet if your local radio becomes all right wing idiot, all the time.

    TV requires a trick to view outside the UK.

  6. Hello Laci,
    Thanks for the information but here in the country my satalite accessed broadband internet only allows a limited amout of download....They call it "Fair Sharing."

  7. He who will go un named here made a statement recently that backs up my theory that if analyzed, his own words will strangle him...
    Stating in hindsight, that though he supported the US Invasion of Iraq at the time, he realized that it was a mistake, now....
    But it was his logic for his support....He could not question his Superior, Colin Powell!!! That was his attempt at justification for his previous opinion.
    Support for Unions is Communism, Socialism is Communism...Unions are Socialist....but define any of these terms? Most garden variety teabaggers would be hard pressed even to spell them correctly let alone coherently explain what they think they are talking about by parroting the marching orders given to them by Rush Lardball or O'Reilly.
    Huckabee actually said on the air yesterday that Obama spent his childhood in Kenya. Ignorance reigns supreme!
    Sometimes, I just throw up my hands in disgust. It was Aubrey Beardsley who said that Patriotism was the last refuge of scoundrels.
    True, now more than ever!

  8. Yes Microdot,
    I gave him a chance, even schooled him on how to properly reply using “Logical Argumentation” procedures and that I was going to hold him to an intelligent, gradable counter argument,....but of course he went instantly into a “Raging Rant Reply,” non-tangent to the subject…..misspelling two words in just the first sentence. Somehow even Obama made it into the conversation when the subject was of the House Republicans voting to cut the funding of PBS, NPR and then got into how liberal Diane Rehm was.

    He can’t spell, I am sure he can’t speak properly in person, he cannot hold a single subject topic conversation, as I am convinced that he has less than a functioning 6th grade education. I am quite sure and would lay a wager on that he could not perform elementary fractional math.

    This lack of quaifications makes him a perfect candidate as having the prime essentials to be a Tea Party Member. Ignorant, and permanently loud!!

  9. That rules out e-mailing you programmes which interest you EoK. I've been wanting to get in contact with you offline for a while to discuss the craft (as I look up to my bookshelf to see "History of Masonry and Concordant Orders" which may have belonged to my greatgrandfather and definitely belonged to my grandfather).

    I think you are mentioning the person who hijacked the open thread to be a strokefest for themselves. I made the comment
    to MWMR that I would have blocked him and his sock puppet a while back.

    The thread has become rather bizarre and I've made my last comment.

    Microdot, it was Dr. Johnson who said Patriotism was the last refuge of Scoundrels and Ambrose Bierce who disagreed stating that it was the first in the "Devil's Dictionary".

    But, you should know that since that's another of my broken record comments.

  10. well, they both agreed that it was the refuge of scoundrels...
    it must be a pretty crowded refuge these days.

  11. Undoubtedly, Patriotism is at an all time high.

  12. Hello Laci,
    E-mail me at

    It is a generic e-mail address that I use. Identify yourself as such and I will respond back to you with my regular e-mal address. Microdot (we respond to each other by our real names) and I have been communicating with him on a personal level for several years since blogging started. Much like the Old Pen Pals of years ago.

    I would love to speak with you on a more personal basis as this is the true way I keep my finger on the pulse of what is going on in the world, in your case Brittan, and in Microdots case local France.

    I would love to speak with you about Masonry (as much as I can :-))