Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reaping The Return On Their Investments

This latest Republican controlled House just a few weeks ago handed out tax deferment rewards to corporations by renewing the G. W. Bush’s 2000 tax cuts. This was money the country and tax payers did not have and it was this same tax cuts of 2000 that contributed greatly under funding the operations of the government and left us with the large deficits we are experiencing today.

NOW this same Republican controlled House wants to purge all funding for Planned Parenthood, Environmental Protection Agency, and repeal the Health Care Bill because there is no money for these programs.

Let’s just call it like it is. This has been the social engineering aspects that the Republican Party has been trying to push for years.

1. Shutting down Planned Parenthood because they provide women’s health care that may require an abortion. The procedure much like Congresswoman Jackie Speier described and admitted having to have done to her publicly on the House floor.

2. Gutting the Environmental Protection Agency because they have the power to admonish corporations for blatantly dumping their industrial process pollution into the water and air. We have seen the destroying of the water aquifers caused by strip mining in West Virginia by the coal mining companies being protected under the G. W. Bush’s administration. We have also seen the protection interference for the oil industries use of petrochemicals to drill at oil sites and citizens living in the area can now ignite their tap water. Many of my readers will remember the Cuyahoga River catching fire in Cleveland. Is this now the current Republicans view that we are to return back to the “Good O’l Days?” Is this now the Republican Party’s idea of progress? It was the Republican President Richard Nixon’s passage of the “Clean Air Act,” that gave the enforcement ability of the EPA. This was once what the Republican Party’s legacy standard and platform was about.

3. Of course the National Health Care Bill that the insurance industry funded the resistance of its passage and now for its repeal. This Health Care Bill that protects people who have lost their jobs and are at risk after paying their health care premiums only to have their coverage deigned because 10 years ago they had a condition that needed to be treated.

4. Now we are seeing the last bastion of Union Busting going on right now in the current event today. Without this last aspect of workers voice and rights, we are seeing the removal of “Checks and Balances” of corporations.

Surely any person with just a smidgen of intelligence can see the “Return On Their Investments Dividends” being awarded to those who funded this current Republican House.

Where my curiosity comes from is why so many think that having protection of their personal health care destroyed, their quality of air and water being poisoned by industrial chemicals with no over site from the agencies that are to protect you. Instead now, all corporations will get is a knowing wink and nod with a smile from the EPA. How much is a person’s wealth in their homes worth when you can light their tap water to heat their homes? It can be said that this current Republican House motto is, “Take From The Poor (or even the middle working class making them the new poor) And Give To The Rich.”


  1. If there ever was a defining moment between progressive and conservative, we are seeing it now. The bottom line is unbridled greed.
    All of the socially controversial stuff about abortion is just a sideshow.

    I was amazed at how many places in Wisconsin have the name Union.
    There's a bloody painful heritage and I do not think this present GOP controlled legislature is prepared to deal with the real outrage they are generating.
    These guys were CEO's who are used to being surrounded by yes men...having people say NO to them is a learning experience and I hope it is a painful one for them.

  2. VERY succintly put, Engineer of Knowledge! I wish some of today's far-far right Republicans and teabaggers HAD some of your knowledge and common sense! By so cheerfully and rashly using their axes to chop the federal budget to smithereens, they aren't doing the will of the American people at all. Rather, they are doing the bidding of the very wealthy who wish to enslave us all.

  3. The Amusing bit:
    Abortion--Roe v. Wade written by Justice Harry Blackmun, a Nixon apointee and lifelong Republican! He was one of those old Tyme mid-Western Repubs.

    EPA--A creation of the Nixon Administration (along with Clean Air and Clean Water Act).

    National Health Care--I've mentioned beefore that Nixon was one of the many administrations that tried to get this in place.

    I'm not sure what to say about the Union busting, but the other three were supported by Nixon.