Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arizona’s Congressional Rep., Gabrielle Giffords, Was Assonated Today

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., and three others were shot and killed in Pima County near Tucson today, Saturday, January 8, 2011; when an assailant opened fire in an area where the lawmaker was meeting with constituents in Tucson, congressional officials said.

These officials said one of the victims died soon after the attack, and others were taken to a nearby hospital.

The officials said the wounded included some of Gifford's aides who were with her at the time.

One official added the attack was carried out with an automatic weapon.
The officials who described the events did so on condition of anonymity, saying they were not permitted to comment publicly.

They said the FBI and local law enforcement were investigating the attack, which took place while Giffords was greeting constituents outside a grocery store.
Giffords, 40, was re-elected to her third term last November. She was a member of the Arizona House and Senate before coming to Washington.

She first won election to Congress amid a wave of Democratic victories in 2006. In November, she edged a tea party favorite.

Could this have been her offence that warranted her death in someone’s sick mind….She is an incumbent Democrat who defeated the Tea Party’s Candidate? I am afraid that as I have predicted many times in my comments, this was a Fanatical, Conservative Nut Job, Teabagger Assignation.


  1. I just heard about this.Latest reports say that she is in surgery but several members of the crowd were killed by the shooter.
    I have the screen capture of Palins Hit list from her face book page with crosshairs over the locations of 20 different locations and congressional reps across America. Needless to say, Gifford was on it.
    She took down the image and will needless to say make a statement that she is horrified or what ever...but don't let this dangerous bitch off the hook! Palin needs to be shown for the mindless dangerously manipulative power mad demagogue that she truly is.

  2. by the way, I have the screen capture of Palins hit list on my blog if you want to use it....

  3. Here are two videos posted to youtube by her her assassin.

    I don't know his affiliation...but I'm sure it will come out. I'm also sure he is fucking psychopath.

  4. Hmmm go figure. The shooter is a hard core leftist.

  5. "hard core leftist"? Interesting. Please give me the link that identifies his political affiliation as hard core leftist.

    Nothing in his insane ramblings identifies his political persuasion, assuming he even has one. The only thing that is certain is that he was mentally disturbed, and opted to try and kill a moderate dem, versus a far left one or far right Repub.

    You of course could be right. I'm guessing you have a 33.3% chance. Then again, given your desire to affix labels with no more evidence than a youtube video, I doubt you have given this much intelligent thought, assuming you are capable of same. I'm going to go out on a limb and proffer you're also a religionist, given your kneejerk reaction.

    Very rare for "leftists" to be racially biased against immigrants which came out today. As I read his crazed youtube, he comes across as an anarchist if anything, but who knows.

  6. Sepp... fyi. Now what?

  7. It's a photoshop Hump! The asshole was a registered independent.
    Thye reason everyone thinks he's a leftist is because most of the people who know him described him as one...not to mention his music tastes, favorite reading and the fact that he was a fan of Giffords until he actually met her.

  8. sepp..I knew it was photo shopped when I posted it. It was forwarded to me by a liberal atheistt who insisted he was responding to Palin's retoric. The shooter is a registered Independent.

    and not "everyone thinks" he's a leftist..only you, Limbaugh and your ilk.

    He also read Mein Kamph (sp) which one could conjecture pretty much places him in the far right's camp.

    The point here is, knee jerk labeling is typical of people whose agenda takes priority over reason. I've seen it on both sides. It speaks badly of them, and you