Sunday, January 2, 2011

1911 Titanic’s Hull Was Launched

In 1911, a hundred years ago this year, the “Great Unsinkable” Titanic’s hull was launched on 31 May 1911. On 15 April 1912, the Titanic sunk in the North Atlantic on its maiden and only voyage.

Now I think that there is a teaching lesson to be learned using this as an example.

1. Those of the higher economic stratification, the world's wealthiest basking in the elegance of first class accommodations, got life vest, were allowed to enter the life boats, and were of the few passengers that survived. Most of the life boats were not even full as they left the Titanic leaving many to die that could have been saved.

2. Those remaining fifteen hundred people still aboard of the working class economic stratification, did get issued a life jacket but life expectancy would be short when exposed to water four degrees below freezing, were not allowed to enter the life boats, only to perish in the cold, dark, deadly, seas.

This year, 2011, the Economic Condition of the United States is becoming a reality. Many thought that the Capitalist Economic “Titanic” Strength of the United States was unsinkable too. The fact is today that out of every $1.00 spent by the Federal Government, $0.42 is borrowed from China. Now you factor in what is borrowed from Japan, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, this figure just gets worse. The economic policies especially of the last 10 years have been an all out attack on the Upper and Middle Class of this nation.

Many are now recognizing the ruse that has been presented to the masses and misled many to think that if you give more to the higher economic stratifications that this will cause a “Trickle Down” condition to their working class stratification. ("Please Sir, may I have some more" undeserving weak mind set) Well we as a nation have given these policies an opportunity to work for the last 10 years and the results have been; loss of employment, lower personal savings, less purchasing power, owning the crushing national debt, and postponed long term retirement potential. (working until they die)

The Conservative Republican President George W. Bush along with the large majority Conservative Republican House and Senate inherited a record operating budget surplus and turned it into a record budget deficit!!! But Conservative Radio and Fox TV has somehow laid the blame on "Tax and Spend Democrats!"

Word lesson for today is Nihilist: "A doctrine that denies any objective ground of truth and especially of moral truths."

Unfortunately there is still a slight voting majority that believes this is fact. Maybe the 2012 election will become more enlightening to this group.

Let us review.

1. After financially abusing the economic deregulated conditions, those of the higher economic stratification got large financial industry bailout, awarding themselves large annual bonuses from this bailout money, special “Life Boat” tax deferments codes that reduces their tax burden share obligations, being awarded “No Bid War Industry” contracts, making their economic stratification survival much more assured.

2. Those of the Upper and Middle working class economic stratification, losing their employment, seeing their personal savings dwindle, retirement plans decline knowing that they are going to have to work longer in old age life with the realization that they may not be physically able to, the purchasing power of their wages exponentially get less through the printing currency to appear to pay off these national debt loans, being blamed for abusing unemployment insurance payments (that they have paid into their whole working life) because they were just lazy, expected to be thrown out of their homes and have their families starve, and excepted to not complain about this fact only to perish in the cold, dark, deadly, Economic Seas.


  1. Excellent comparison, Engineer, most excellent. The trouble is, and what is stuck in my craw, is that The People today don't know that they are the last ones to get into the lifeboats. They don't know that those on the upper decks have a much better 'view' of life than they. They just don't know.

    When they DO find out, and it may take even more time and even more loss of what little capital they still have, what will be their reaction? Further, if they do decide to revolt, will the National Guard and U.S. Army be called upon to quell the rioters? Will they shoot their own citizens?

  2. its such an honor that i can sing the titanic