Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Republican Congress Show Themselves To Be DUMB ASSES

The Freshly Empowered Republicans are vowing to undo much of the work of the last Congress and launch investigations into a raft of Obama administration programs.

But their heavily partisan strategy runs the risk of alienating voters who are more concerned about jobs. (Remember, “It’s The Economy Stupid!?!?”)

At a moment when the Republican Party has the attention of economically beleaguered Americans, they will squander their efforts and time on repealing the Healthcare overhaul, challenges to federal regulations, and A READING OF THE CONSTITUTION ON THE HOUSE FLOOR. (Boy that will really get things going to bring back jobs and get the citizens of this country back to work!! Where are the “Dumb Ass Teabaggers” who voted for this group now?)

For me this new Republican Congress is just all flash and no substance…..and I can hardly believe that the citizens of this country fell for this act yet once again.

The cold hard truth is, the RNC is showing itself to be a debt-ridden, financially broken machine and yet this same group is expecting to spend over $1 BILLION dollars to try to unseat President Obama in 2012.

Those same Republican Party leaders, who are currently passing themselves off as being the clear choice for the country to be physically responsible with our U.S. National Budget Deficit, has led their own Republican Political Party finances after the 2010 mid-term National Elections, $20 MILLION in debt to date and expect to lead my Republican Party into a $1 BILLION dollar Presidential political campaign into 2012?

Well my question to those physical financially responsible Republican Party Leaders…..who is supposed to pay this $20 MILLION dollar bill? Who is supposed to pay the $1 BILLION dollar 2012 bill?

Could these Republican Leaders be just another Group of Blowhards who are not about to practice what they preach? I think that the latter is more to the factual truth.


  1. Great post, Engineer. Reading the Constitution! What morons they are- as if that makes them more American, eh?

    The new line from the Tea Party members of Congress is that they know that The People want them to persue the TP agenda. Why do they know that? I believe the psychological term is delusional.

  2. I'm not sure what to think. US MSM (NPR included) is pretty inane. And I get my news from the BBC.

    This hits me as being highly relevant:
    Six things you need to know about the new Congress

    You might find this interesting.

    I may avoid Mucky's blog since Sepp, the ultimate tea party dumbass, lurks there.

  3. Hello Muddy,
    Thank you for the kind words as I do value your opinion.

    Hello Laci,
    I too get much of my news from the BBC along with NPR. I find them to be much more accurate. Well what can we say about SEPP? The ultimate tea party dumbass, will not be changed and has no tolerance to consider any facts that do not support what he wants his truths to be…..especially if those facts disprove what he wants reality to be……hence Nihilistic!!!

    I would be please and proud to have you visit and comment often on this site. I have found you to be very intelligent, accurate, and of the same mind set as myself. I welcome your links and comments to help me educate the readers of this blog so that they can give logical argumentation to counter those who simply repeat mindlessly what they get from slanted, filtered, and fabricated Fox and conservative radio programming.