Friday, May 14, 2010

Take A Break Friday.....Enjoy


  1. Good laughs! Did you hear the most recent research that indicates that several rounds of hardy laughter may be more beneficial than a walk around the block?

    Here's a real story about my youngest grandson- he's in kindergarten. Last weekend his cousins visited including his only female cousin who's 7. While the older ones were busy at some other stuff, the two of them went online to a game that my granddaughter played at home.

    Part of the 'game' was to decide if the outfits on the models [which my two grandchildren dressed] were fashionable or if they clashed. Apparently, when completed, the game would judge the finished model's appearance.

    My daughter-in-law received a call the next day from my grandson's teacher. She had an interesting event to share. It seems that during his free time, my grandson went to the teacher and told her that her outfit was not stylish- that her pants were to casual for her dressy blouse!

    Yes, that's what he told his teacher! Gulp.

  2. Eng...LOL... excellent stuff.

    Hair on your twinkie!! LOL!!!

  3. Hey Buddy! Where are you? I hope the weather there is as nice as it is here, finally.

    I have to force myself to stop playing outside and come in and blog....