Saturday, May 1, 2010

A May Day Prayer

Sing Me Songs
By Engineer Of Knowledge

Sing me songs of our days past glory,
To contemplate how we came this far.
Sing me songs of our country’s origins,
To confirm whom we say we are.

Sing me songs of simple beauties,
Like the sky before the beginning of night.
Sing me songs of nightingales calling,
As children catch fire flies by star light.

Sing me songs of children playing,
Life where no tears of sorrow are shed.
Sing me songs where there is no illness,
With all tucked safely at night in bed.

Sing me songs of frosty fall mornings,
When you need a sweater and it reveals your breath.
Sing me songs of the tree’s leaves falling,
And all the birds have empty nests.

Sing me songs of a warm hearth glowing,
Where love grows and happiness thrives.
Sing me songs of the generations caring,
To make sure the family survives.

Sing me songs of geese flying in formation,
Filling the sky with calls for the South.
Sing me songs of this traditional pageant,
As they perform this play just over our house.

Sing me songs with prayers for peace,
Working together or we all will loose.
Sing me songs with tolerance for others,
The direction and success is for all to choose.


  1. Wonderful! Simply grand, Engineer.

  2. Hello Muddy,
    Thank you for the kind words. I had this poem published about 3 1/2 years ago in a book of collected poems by different poets.

  3. Thank you sir! I wish I could compose the music to accompany your piece. It demands it!