Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gov. Bobby Jindal Demands The Federal Government Step In And Take Over the BP Oil Spill Disaster

Remember when Gov. Bobby Jindal spoke at the Republican Presidential Convention supporting Sarah Palin’s “Drill Baby Drill” policies. He also went on to say, “It comes down to an honest and fundamental disagreement about the proper role of government. We oppose the national Democrats' view that says the way to strengthen our country is to increase dependence on government. We believe the way to strengthen our country is to restrain spending in Washington and empower individuals and small businesses to grow our economy and create jobs.”

Well it seams that Gov. Bobby has had a change of heart and now has an inverse viewpoint of this, his once core belief. Today Gov. Bobby Jindal is complaining that President Obama will not take over and build barrier islands to take on the surge of the oil coming ashore towards Louisiana. What Gov. Bobby Jindal who’s core beliefs and proclamation that Government is not the answer…Government is the problem….is now demanding the Government take over and build barrier islands for Louisiana on the tax payers expense?!?!? So I guess if it is someone else’s problem, the government should not get involved…but if it is destroying your own personal wealth, government needs to step in and take over. Go figure?!?!?

When Gov. Bobby Jindal closed his speech at the Republican Presidential Convention he finished with, “This is the nation that cast off the scourge of slavery (with his state violently fight the whole way complaining that the Federal government was over riding States Rights), overcame the Great Depression (with federal government programs such as CCC, WPA, TVA, etc), prevailed in two World Wars (like Louisiana was the deciding factor?), won the struggle for civil rights (again with his state violently fight the whole way complaining that the Federal government was over riding States Rights), defeated the Soviet menace and responded with determined courage to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. (OK I can’t even follow how Louisiana played a factor in any of this) The American spirit has triumphed over almost every form of adversity known to man, and the American spirit will triumph again.”

Yes so long as President Obama gets of his ass of not doing anything, have the Federal Government spend tax payer’s borrowed money, and build barrier islands off the coast of Louisiana….Because the Drill Baby Drill programs of the oil companies for the previous 8 years had nothing to do with his troubles and loss of personal wealth today.

My how easily these Conservative Republicans can change their minds when their own policies and decisions steal away their own personal wealth!!


  1. Drii less baby, drill less

  2. I do not think that Jindhal has done anything more than try t make political hay out of the catastrophe. I listened to a reportage on BBC last night from Louisiana and Jindhal seems to want to have it both ways.
    There is no state more enmeshed in the snare of the oil industry thatn Louisiana. A corrupt infrastructure which allowed wells to be drilled withut permits and then granted them under a system of back dated "mitigation".
    The Mississippi Delta is on it's way to be in competition with the ecological nightmare of the Niger Delta in Nigeria.
    In Nigeria, the corrupt relationship between the partly nationalized industry, Exxon and Shell are major players in the government has allowed a situation where more oil is leaked every year than will be leaked in the BP Gulf disaster.
    America is getting the opportunity to see up close and experience the horror that Afdrica has experienced for years.
    Will this change the mentality of graft and greed driven southern politicians in the long run?
    Once this has wreaked its political havoc and is spun against the Oama administration, as it will be if he doesn't take heroic measures now, I don't think so.

  3. Jindal is a fucktard. Remember..he's the convert to Catholicism from Hindusim who , ifn a fit of new found catholic fervor, subjected his fiancee to an exorcism to cast out her evil demons!!!

    This guy was being talked about as a possible presidantial candidate till that little ditty became public knowledge.

  4. This guy was being talked about as a possible presidantial candidate is 'Drill baby, drill!' Yukon Barbie. In fact, tens of millions of Americans 'think' she is right for the job. That puts the U.S. in the Third World League of Nations.

  5. I'd bet $10k that even Americans arent so stupid as to elect that moronic half wit Palin to the presidency.

  6. Hello Hump,
    I don’t see the U.S. electing Sarah Palin either. She has had here 15 minutes of fame and has pigeon holed herself much like Dan Quayle did when he exposed himself for who he really was.

    My thoughts run along the lines of the “Trojan Horse” candidate who is bought and paid for by corporations and will push through the same programs that have been held off by this administration.

    Too many thought that George W. Bush was the answer for the country. It was not until he was elected before many realized what an incompetent, corporate shill, with Dick Cheney securing “No Bid” contracts for Halliburton for the two war fronts that they started.

    I don’t know if the opposition is just more vocal but I am hearing too many everyday people saying, “We have to get President Obama out of the White House.” Fox Programming is doing a good job and I am afraid that they are having an effect.

  7. Dear Engineer of Knowledge,

    I just have a quick question for you but couldn't find an email so had to resort to this. I am a progressive blogger. Please email me back at when you get a chance. Thanks.


  8. Perhaps you should avail yourself of the proper info before blathering on about that which you don’t understand. States currently have state regulatory jurisdiction over internal and near-shore waters up to 3 miles offshore. Federal waters extend 3 miles to 200 miles from shore. Deepwater Horizon was about 40 miles off the Louisiana coast… IN FEDERAL WATERS.

    Having said that I do not agree with a “take over” of any company, but Republicans should have voted to remove the “cap” (safety net) of monetary responsibility!!! Why do you think that the owners let anything “go lax”?… because they MOST they have to pay is a DROP IN THE BUCKET compared to the millions, billions, or trillions they make in between accidents.