Friday, May 28, 2010

But Sarah Palin said, "Drill Baby Drill?!?!?"

Remember just a little or a year ago, all the right wing nut jobs were chanting, “Drill Baby Drill.” I mean after all we were assured by these nut jobs because the Oil Corporations told them and they quoted, “That it was more than safe, environmentally friendly and Sarah Palin shits Ice Cream?!?!?!”

Where are these same people who ridiculed those who thought for themselves and questioned this statement? Why have they gone all silent?

Now in light of the current events of today, the sugar comma sweet, “Sarah Palin,” is going to pray for the people of Louisiana because she and her family lived through the Exxon Valdese oil spill and knows the pain they are going through.

What a “FAKE” TWO FACED BITCH!!! How much longer are the Teabaggers going to be STUPID?


  1. It finally recognized me as signed in here. This is a test.

  2. What I originally tried to post here:

    Palin is representative of Republicans. They are two-faced. The teabaggers are just more extreme and are closer to irrational Fascism and will blame Obama for doing what they screamed about wanting originally.

  3. Hey Engineer, the Teabaggers are always going to be stupid...nothing you can do about it except for them to become too stupid to reproduce, but the saving grace is that they are also fickle media driven sheep and have you noticed the drop in items of MammaMoose Palin lately?
    The constant stream of lies and drivel she spouts are becoming too outrageoulsy predictable. It isn't news anymore. She is running out of quarters to put in the media slot machine and it keeps on coming up lemons.
    Great story breaking...regading the writer she claims is stalking her by renting the house across the street from her in Alaska...
    He didn't find the house, a contractor she stiffed for a few thousand called the writer and told himn about the house in pure revenge...

  4. Hello NewEnglandBob,
    It is good to here from you and I am pleased you stopped by and hope to hear from you often.

    I agree, no matter what the President does, the Teabaggers are going to push some issue that he is wrong. To make statements, “Everything the President does is wrong,” is a “Generalized Statement” and is so easily disproven, that they loose their argumentative talking points.

    Hello Microdot,
    Yes Teabaggers are always going to be stupid….and there is no cure for STUPID!! I heard about the writer who move right next door so he could get the first hand, current happenings at the Palin’s “House of Dysfunction.” I did not know that it was a stiffed contractor who tipped him off. Thanks for passing this on my friend.

  5. How much longer are the Teabaggers going to be STUPID?

    I wonder if it isn't genetic, Engineer. You know, some mutation that occurs by prolonged exposure to talk radio waves.

    Not only that, but they tend to swim together i the pool of ignorance as well. You know, sharing their stupidity, peeing in the pool. stuff like that.

    There is no cure, I'm afraid. Stupid is a way of life here in The States-- a kind of badge, a suburban gang so to speak. The huddled masses [or is that asses?]

  6. Hello Muddy,
    Yes I think that you may very well be correct with the fact that there are those who have a genetic deficiency that makes them sheep followers no matter how blatantly the facts slap them in the face.

    I guess the saying, “It takes all types to make up the world,” is so very true.