Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rand Paul....Bat Shit Crazy


  1. LOL... "the shit doesn't fall far from the bat"!!! that's classic. One could see how Rand Paul would be a darling of the Teabaggers..a racist, oil company loving, pollution ignoring fucktard.

  2. Hump said all that matters. I will add, however, a question for the public-- do you really want a person with these skewed views of democracy deciding the laws of this nation?

    Sadly, there is a group representing 25% of the citizen who actually believe this nonsense. Perhaps that is more scary than Paul himself.

  3. Hello Muddy,
    Stupidity reigns supreme with the Teabaggers only surpassed by the willingness to justify and explain the stupidity.

  4. Well, Baby Paul has recieved the latest version of "the kiss of death"...a defense and endorsement from the MammaBear Palin....
    The fuzz is off his peach so to speak and his toast is burnt crisp. We learn today that he isn't even a real opthamaligist, he just plays one on TV.