Saturday, March 12, 2011

What is Freemasonry

I have been asked by interested people knowing that I am a Freemason. Today, I attended the Regional Freemason's Meeting for Maryland. This video clip was played for the Open House of the local Blue Lodges this April 2, 2011. Well I can't say it any better than Ben Franklin in this clip. Please play and enjoy.

After watching this clip, please feel free to ask me any questions about Freemasonry and I will answer them if I can....or allowed to. :-)


  1. Very interesting, Engineer of Knowledge! I guess from what we see here that Scott Walker and his followers are definitely not Freemasons! ;-)

  2. Hello Jack,
    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the very measure of a man is by his deeds that effects POSITIVE change and a POSITIVE effect on the world……and Scott Walker, along with his followers, FALLS WAY SHORT on all of this…..He would not be a Freemason.

  3. And most of the religious right wouldn't qualify.

    But it does help understand the minds of the founding fathers.

  4. Hello Laci,
    I should add that the Freemasons in France are totally secular. No mention of God in anyway, shape, what ever.

    I think that Freemasons in England are some what religious.

    For me in the U.S. I am more in the secular side only in the fact that any man be he Christian, Muslim, Jew, or Hindu, etc. is welcome to me as men of good honor.

  5. Laci,
    I should also add that those who say this country was built on Christian faith by our fore fathers, has no idea of what they are talking about. The separation of church and state was of the utmost importance with them and was not to be compromised.

  6. I had been reading a lot about the Freemasons here in France. Supposedly the members are not supposed to be involved in politics, but it is known that many UMP members are masons.
    I was trying to find info on Masonry in the Muslim world and found that there is a long history, but also a lot of places where it is banned for it's supposed Jewish connections. It would seem that there is a lot fo misinformation and conspiracy type theories that Masons have to work to dispel.
    That said, there is a great old Masonic Hall in Perigueux in the old part of the town up from St. Front. I have to find the Masonic building in Brive la Gaillarde as I am getting to be more familiar with that place.
    The history is fascinating. Is their a connection between the Masons and the Rotary Club? I know the Rotary has a strong organization in Egypt.

  7. Hello Microdot,
    You ask if there was a connection with the Rotary and the answer is no. The Odd Fellows are a "distant cousin" so to speak of and there is a loose affilation with them.

  8. What do you say of the Masons being in high places of power and manipulation in order to unbalance this Great Balance in order to bring dijjal on to us? This question above may hold more than even you as a certain degree of Mason will ever comprehend. Or does it? It is very simple, if you do know what I am talking about, all I wish to know is why? What is the great reason to bring this upon the human race? what is the purpose? I know the basis but in the bigger picture why? One other thing I want you to know Mason. I will never show fear, distress, uneasiness, suffering, or sorrow again as long as I live as long as I know that I will not be fuel for dijjal and those under then I stand tall. You make me a more humble man. I show great mercy and pity for those among you for I know you are a greatly confused and lost entity who just needs to find his way again. In this life or the next I hope to meet you while I see you walking a higher and more righteous path.