Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Fanatical, Radical, Republicans Of Wisconsin Disregard the Judge’s Orders

Once again showing disregard for the law when it does not coincide with their desires, the Fanatical, Radical, Republicans of Wisconsin, who illegally passed the now famous Anti-Union Law that sparked weeks of protests in Wisconsin, are going ahead against the Judge’s orders and put the law into effect today, Saturday, March 26, 2011.

The law was published online by the state office, “EVEN THOUGH A COURT ORDER BARS” the law from being published while the legal challenges get worked out.

A judge said Friday the publication dispute would have to wait until a previously scheduled hearing on Tuesday….well after the illegal posting fact.


  1. It's all too easy for these guys to toss the label "thug" at anyone they want to smear. Pro Union protestors become a mob of thugs, even though they demonstrate in huge numbers for weeks peacefully.
    When they ram through the bill that is being protested and people react, they are labled as Communist agitators and SDS agents.
    Putting up posters mysteriously becomes 7,000,000 bucks worth of damage.
    Meanwhile the Republican legislators and Governor Walker set a new benchmark for what thuggery really means.
    Intimidation of critics...witness the harassment of William Cronon, Professor of History at The University of Wisconsin, for example.
    The consideration of creating a phony attack incident on Walker to smear the Unions.
    This incident, ignoring the law to create the appearance of success...
    Frankly, though, this action may cause them more problems than they bargained for, just as this entire process has.
    It really looks like the majority of Republican State senators are going to face recalls.

  2. Hello Microdot,
    We can only hope the recall comes about. This ram rodding of their will over the confines of the law should be enough, but I am not going to hold my breath. I am not sure the general population has the attention span or stomach for the process.

    There is still the Tea Party that is standing on the sideline cheering them on too.

  3. Ours is a nation built on laws. Those who flaunt the law must serve time. Those who don't uphold the law must also pay the price. Recall ALL of the far-right Republican legislators who brazenly defied both the will of the people and Wisconsin law!!!

  4. Laws? Laws? Oh, Mr. Engineer, don't you realize that only the peasants must follow laws?

  5. Here is a link to a story that ties into this post:

    Billionaire self-pity and the Koch brothers

    Of course, that runs contrary to the world view held by some people (YOU KNOW WHO).

  6. garr, laci, I read this and the comparison to the Koch and other "fundamentalists" became all too apparent. True Believers of any ilk are the most dangerous creatures on this planet. The Koch's can't seem to understand why any one would ever find fault with them...
    My proposition is that before any of their "concepts" could be listened to, they would have to spend at least a year living like the most common people...

  7. I read the further comments by the Judge who ruled on the legality of the posting of the Budget Repair bill. It really becomes all too apparent with the right wing mind set. The constitution must be defended and honored only when it helps them gain power. When it doesn't, rules and laws become hindrances to that goal which can be ignored.

    This is one of the big differences between Democrats and Conservative Republicans. Democrats work within the system to change laws they deem unjust. Republicans simply ignore the law. Bush didn't like FISA, so he simply refused to go before the judges at all. Whereas when Obama didn't like DOMA, the President sent his lawyers to the court to tell the judge they'd still be showing up in court, but they'd be arguing that the law is unconstitutional (and Obama notified Congress so the Republicans could take up the suit themselves, and they are). The Conservatives would simply not show up at all.

    The upshot is that the Conservative Right would justify their actions by belittling the regard of legal process as a show of weakness....except when they can use it in their favor...Such as the abuse of the Freedom of Information Act now being perpetrated by the Conservatives who want to investigate the communications of professors who might have said anything of a political activist nature using an official University email.
    They want to contrive a smear much like the climate change scientists who were the victims of a contrived orchestrated smear, which a few years after the fact, was proven to be a smear, but as we all know, once the smear is public, in the minds of those who want to believe it, it will always remain a fact.

  8. Or they play the system the way the Koch Bros funded Cato Institute played the Heller-McDonald cases. The Cato Institute has even admitted that they were trying to "emulate" the civil rights movement. A cynical ploy.