Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Senator Scott Brown Maybe A Moderate Republican I Can Support

Well another Right Wing Tea Party / Ultra Religious Conservative proposed House Bill dies a GRAND DEATH in the Senate today!

It is reported today that Senator Scott Brown has said he will oppose efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and other family-planning centers is a positive first step, and we look forward to seeing his name appear in the (NO) column when this vote comes to the Senate floor. It is stated that we also call on Senator Brown to stand up for women’s health and oppose other far-reaching and intrusive anti-choice policies as they move from the House to the Senate.”

Brown, a Massachusetts Republican, issued a statement this morning in support of family planning services, and said that an effort by House Republicans to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood “Goes Too Far!” Brown voted for the House budget plan earlier this month, though he said at the time he did not support all of the proposed cuts. With his latest “NO” vote, the plan failed to pass the Senate.


  1. Hello Engineer of Knowledge,
    That is good news and I applaud Sen. Brown for his independence and common sense action. Planned Parenthood, just like the NPR, should NOT be defunded!

  2. Hello Jack,
    Yes let's hope that the Senate will vote in the future with more sense than the current group in the House has done. Maybe the Senate will get the extreme conservative bills coming from the House STOPPED!!!

  3. Really, a Republican who isn't a kook? I thought that was becoming a qualification for being a party member.

    In fact, I was thinking that "Conservative" in US English means out of touch with reality--as is the case with our Fourth grade dropout.

    He didn't fail us in not being able to answer my simple question--even with me handing him enough info to get a C- minus answer!

    He should remember what Pope said in "An Essay on Criticism":

    A little learning is a dangerous thing;
    Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.

    when he said:
    I caution you on this topic not to get into it too far over your head with me on the Palestine issue. I have a bit of inside knowledge on the subject and I’ll leave it at that for now.

    In his case, it's no learning or knowledge.

    Although, I do have to admit that I asked a trick question. But he wouldn't know why it was a trick question.

    Sepp should know that he needs to walk before he can run. But in this case, he can;t crawl and he's trying to ride a unicycle!

  4. Hello Laci,
    Well there are a few Moderate Republicans still left in the U.S. :-)

    Yes, love the Pope quote as it is one of my current favorites.

    If you get Sepp off script of what he is told to think and speak on a subject, he has no original thought of his own nor can he develop a logical argumentation.

    Just like the young lady who had been totally educated in religious schools. The student was failing miserably in “Critical Writing” where you are supposed to develop your own thoughts on a subject given and argue your points through “logical argumentation.” This student would start off with a poor opening statement and then just start writing non-coherently quoting biblical passages that were not even tangible to the subject to be discussed.

    I see Sepp falling into this exact same scenario with every post except his substituting “Religious Bible Passages” with the current viewpoint rant from "Fox Programming."

    By the way what is Sepp’s background, i.e. Über-Religious along with his Neo-Conservative (not in touch with reality) viewpoints, or just a plain nut job?

    When you pin him down on a single point subject, he goes into the old, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance; Baffle them with Bullshit.” That is his best defense or really bottom line, all he has to offer.

  5. Brown, of course has alienated the teabaggery machine which supported him. Whether he can be re elected in Massachussetts remains to be seen.
    He said all the right things when he was elected, and I really thought he was just another rubber stamping cookie cutter clone...
    But I have to admit, he has surprised me with his more moderate stance.
    Regarding the Seppster and his unicycle...he keeps falling off and tragically running over himself.

  6. Actually, my mother and her late parents are sane Republicans. Unfortunately, the policies of the national party have driven my mother from voting Republican for the most part.

    I tend to side with the Democrats politics.
    Although, if we went by political type I am a Constitutional Monarchist.

  7. Hello Microdot,
    We can only hope he stays the course of moderate and the Teabaggers be damned.

    As I have said many times, I did not leave the Party….the Party left me when it was taken over and steered to the extreme right of the political spectrum. As Uptheflag has said that there is not much difference between the two parties. Well that just tells me that the Moderates of both Republican and Democrats could work together to the benefit of the citizens of the country.

    As far as you being a “Constitutional Monarchist” is just fine with me….as well you should be my friend.

    All of you know how much I enjoy our intellectual stimulating conversations.

  8. This is interesting. By complete coincidence today I posted a message to sen. browns office, and posted it to his fb page, telling him that after leaving the GOP 3 yrs ago, and voting for obama, he is the ONLY repub. I would consider voting for for president.

    Anyone who will not simply toe the party line, act in good conscience, and be independent no matter where the chips fall, is someone I can respect.

    Glad to see I'm not alone.

  9. Hello Hump,
    Good to hear from you too. You and I are very much alike on this subject. Here of late, I have not had a Republican member that I could get behind and vote for. I too voted for Obama…and was glad to do so. The Stupid Palin aspect on the last ticket just was way too far for me. It was more like Alice in Wonderland’s mad Queen.

  10. To paraphrase Sen. Lloyd Bentsen:
    Sarah Palin, you are no Margaret Thatcher.

    She's more like Ronald Reagan in the throws of Alzheimer's.

  11. Unfortuanetly, I doubt Brown could win the GOP nomination. The power of the party rests with the far right conservatives. Limbaugh, beck...they would crucify Brown.

    No...their idea of a quality president is Gingrich, or Huckster, or some other 1/2 assed religionist hypocrite douchebag. Sad.

  12. Hello Hump,
    Yes Brown could keep it up if there were more help from moderates coming out for him.

    Your comment on Sarah is priceless. As a matter of fact, Alzheimer Reagan would be a difficult intellectual challenge for Sarah P. in a geo/history/political contest.