Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No Place Like Home

I thought that I would post a photo of the O'l Homestead with current snow as we are supposed to get 10" to 18" tonight and Wednesday. I will post more on Thursday.

Engineer of Knowledge


  1. Hare to see the home with all of that white, Engineer! We got 8" yesterday and it is has begun to snow again- the top rotation of the Low this time.

    At least it covered up the ugly browns and grays of winter.

  2. WOW, I hadn't seen this before. It looks so nice when it first comes down, then you have to deal with it.
    I had my most miserable winter experience yesterday. I was in the forest with my dog and decided to cross the creek which was swollen with rain and melting snow. It was about 26 degrees and the dog went over the log and I followed...halfway over, the log broke, I ended up in the creek....at least I kept my head out of the water. It was about 3/4 kilometer back through the forest home....The dog jumped in the water when I went in, but he seems to be waterproof, I'm not....