Tuesday, February 23, 2010

God Reports That Dick Cheney Suffered His Fifth Heart Attack Today

Today God struck Dick Cheney with yet another heart attack again today for his punishment of his lies and hateful Nihilistic statements at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

I spoke with God and God told me he was thinking, “The Conservative Political Action Conference? That sounds like there should be people blowing shit up at that thing. What’s up with that?”

The real facts are that CPACer’s are just a bunch of Blowhards standing around talking about how the world is going to hell, and something needs to be done about it…. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Well God did decide to do something about it…God took it out on Dick Cheney, as he suffered his fifth heart attack.

Yes God is very angry with Dick Cheney for his desire to invade a bunch of countries undeservedly, provide they have oil reserves, accuse people of abetting terrorism, and dodged the draft when it was his time to serve pretending to be some sort of HERO and such.

Well I want to tell God this, “Quite messing around and just kill him out right so the rest of us can be done with this Flaming Asshole already, OK!!!”


  1. Hahahah...amen!

    That miserable old fuck just won't go quietly, will he?

    I keep hoping that lawyer friend of his who he shot in the face will pay The Dick a visit, and smother him with his pillow as pay back.

  2. Hump- great scenario!

    Engineer- I'm surprised that Dick even has a heart knowing the cunning shit he's done all his life!

  3. It's not a heart as we on this planet know one...The Cheneytron 3000 is supplied with a liquid sodium cooled mini reactor which if not properly maintained could go into a terminal "China Syndrome" and melt straight through to the earths core.