Friday, February 26, 2010

Billie Holiday singing "Love For Sale"

John McCain took this song and in every spot where the word LOVE appeared he replaced the word VOTES.

Thank you John for selling out the people of the United States that you were supposed to represent but as we all know....You just can't compete with that Insurance Industries' Money now can we. Just like Charles Keating back in 1989....their money buys the best Repensentation does it not Senator?


  1. Got it! Excellent connection with but one change in the lyrics!

  2. I have very mixed feelings about McCain as a "hero". His entire public life has een pretty questionable. Ross Perot, who did so much for MCain and his family, said later that McCain was one of the cruelest and vainest men he had ever met.
    I think that he used his POW status to sell everyone out. He plays every angle and has no center except his own self aggrandization.
    We are so lucky that he is not our president today.

    I adore Billy Holiday...