Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Was The Point Of Pride From President Bush's Administration?

In a recent interview on his book tour promotion, former President G.W. Bush was asked what he thought was the high point and what he was most proud of from his Presidency.

As an example former President Jimmy Carter stated the Israeli and Egyptian Peace Accord was the high point of pride from his Presidency. Former President Bill Clinton stated his was the piece keeping force in Bosnia that stopped the genocide as his personal point of pride from his Presidency.

So what was G.W. Bush’s reply of his high point and personal pride from his Presidency? “When he caught a 7 /12 lb perch fish from his personal pond on his ranch.”

Now to be very fair to President G.W. Bush, I too feel that he was very accurately correct with that statement. I truly have to agree that his catching that 7 1/2 lb fish in his personally stock pond WAS the high point of his Presidency.

But I did think that he did go a little too far when he had the USS Abraham Lincoln with the “Mission Accomplished” banner still hanging on it air lifted to that personal pond on his ranch to celebrate the catching of that all important “Perch Fish.”

Of course Dick Cheney instantly put the country on “Red Alert” as the imminent terrorist threat to the country and stamped on more of U.S. citizens civil rights under the “Patriot Act.”


  1. Interesting, the high point of his presidency was something that had nothing to do with his presidency, other than the fact that he had time to go fishing instead of running the country.

    Thank you George Bush for eight years of fishing.

  2. Hello Jerry Critter,
    Thanks for stopping by and adding your comment. Maybe Bush should have been encouraged to do more fishing and less screwing with the country.

    Oh well, hind sight being 20/20.

  3. Everything that this man touched was a lesson in horror.
    Imagine what more evil deeds he would have accomplished had he NOT gone fishing.
    W enjoyed is sins while in office.
    He relished having a Justice Dept writing cover for his crimes.
    Yet, the dumb assed American public voted for him twice.
    He put our country in reverse for decades.
    And now the Big O is staying the W course.

  4. Hello Reality Zone,
    Thank you for stopping by and I enjoyed your comments. I cannot in my mind figured out how he won that second term.

  5. The dems picked a weak candidate once more in the name of Kerry.
    It is that simple imho.
    Its almost as if they wanted to lose.
    I can remember as it was yesterday when Kerry conceded.
    I immediately got on the internet and checked out Canada just like I did in the 60's. LOL
    To me this is all like a bad horror movie that I have already seen the ending.
    The Big O will take us further into the abyss, before this is all over.

    We need a true left, left, candidate.
    We need a democratic Socialist.

    Not a Kleptocratic Corptocracy. LOL

  6. When asked for the high point of his vice presidency,
    of course, Dick Cheney
    instantly said it was when he put the country on “Red Alert” as the imminent terrorist threat to the country and stamped on more of U.S. citizens civil rights under the “Patriot Act.” Then he had a few more shots of Chivas and shot a fellow hunter in the face with birdshot.

    I hoped against hope that Kerry would win, but I knew the 9/11 terror machine was in full swing and the American public was in a sheep herd stampede panic mode.
    They still are. Americans are traumatized shock victims unable to deal with reality and cannot get the treatment and counseling a shock victim needs to survive. Instead, you have a 24 hour sensational faux outragedl shock media that keeps the wounds open and bleeding.
    Can you believe that Fox news reported 2 satirical items from the Onion as if they were fact? Can you believe the crazy stuff Beck says he believes before breakfast every morning?