Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tea Party Wants Snooki for President

After the Tea Party candidate, Christie O’Donnell, for the Delaware Senate seat, I being a converted Tea Party Member, would suggest that we gear up and start promoting a new candidate.

Snooki for President!!!

Here is my reasoning.
1. She has no political experience.
2. She is very popular with many across the country.
3. She too can say very stupid things without logic or reasoning.
4. Many find her attractive and fuckable.

Let’s imagine a self promoting Italian from New Jersey as President.
Think about it. If we had an Italian from New Jersey as President…it would go something like this:

The first 24 hours after being sworn in, the war in Afghanistan would be over!!! “You Wouldn’t Know How” but it would be over. At the Presidential Press question session, reporters would ask, “Ms. President Snooki, how did you end the Afghanistan War in only 24 hour period?” President Snooki would give a little knowing laugh then her face would go serious with the reply, “Don’t worry about it! You just go enjoy your gas prices at $.32 per gallon….OK?”

Think about this…..when Bin Laden attacked the U.S. what did then President Bush do? He sent in the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. Everybody went to find one guy.

Would President Snooki do this?…NO!! Two Italian guys from Jersey would leave and go to Afghanistan and would be back in 24 hours. They would have found Bin Laden….No Problem. They would have walked right to his cave like any other hit, kicked in the door, leaned into the cave, and called, “Osama? Yo! How you doin? Pull up a rock….I wanna talk to ya about som’in. I’m already upset with you already cause I had to get up early. You know how far you live from New Jersey? Tell you what, sit still, here’s what I’m gonna do for you Bin. Hey Vinni….Hit him with da bat. Is he dead? Good! Steal the rug. War’s Over.”

That’s the kind of stuff President Snooki could bring to the table. YO!


  1. I wouldn't fuck that pig with Glenn Beck's shrunken dick.

  2. Hello Hump,
    I had a good chuckle with your comment. I am of the viewpoint that Christine O’Donnell and Snooki….One in the same.

    Speaking of Tea Party’s Christine O’Donnell ("Evolution is a myth, "I'm not a witch...I'm you,” and my special favorite “Scientist are cross breeding mice and humans coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains!”) well she and Glen Urquhart, the Tea Party-backed Republican nominee for the Delaware House seat that had been held by Rep. Republican Mike Castle (“Separation of Church and State” came out of Adolph Hitler's mouth, that's where it comes from. So the next time your liberal friends talk about the “Separation of Church and State,” ask them why they're Nazis.) Well both went down in their own insanity flames.

    Yes the Senate seat and the old Republican House seat have gone to the Democrats with much credit being the radical Tea Party’s disfavor.

  3. You can relax now, Engineer, now that the Tea Party failed in many Senate, Gubernatorial and House races across America. Americans are apparently not that stupid! Thank God!!

  4. Hello Muddy,
    Thank God indeed!!! Here in Maryland, we voted to keep the moderiate Democrat Governor O'Mally instead of Ex-Governor Erlick who Steel was Lt. Governor under.

  5. Ah, My old neighbour and fellow Student at University of MD law School Martin O'Malley! Unless I catch him playing Irish music with his band, I never hear from him.

    Anyway, we had two Italian-Americans from NJ on the Supreme Court and see where THAT'S gotten the US!

  6. Thank WHO???God?? which god??

    unfortunately, Palin's score card shows 60% of the candidates she endorsed were elected. That's not a good thing. The best we can say is that the ones who were most crazy ( did not win... with the exception of Rand Paul

  7. I Like President Snooki and I am inviting her to come over and join my Tequila Party! I am contemplating a rigorous program of participating in "Party Politics" in an attempt to destroy as many of my pesky brain cells as I can in shortest amount of time, so I become more of a part of the normal population of America and fit in....
    Thassh our noo slogan!
    Hell with it! It's Happy Hour In America!

  8. Two drinkss for the prishhhhe of one and we can all put it on the tab of John "Fuck The Earmarks As Long As Heesh Buyin" Boehner!
    Speaker of the House? Hell! It's on the House! Just don't ask for credit....

  9. Hello All,
    I want to thank everyone for your responses. We have a very good and intellectual group here.

    I am glad that we have yet one more tangible aspect with each other. To hear the local Republican Party Rhetoric making statements that O’Malley was a one term failed Governor but in truth he won another term with no problems.

    You bring up a good point with, “Anyway, we had two Italian-Americans from NJ on the Supreme Court and see where THAT'S gotten the US! “ Somehow I don’t think Snooki would be seeing things in the same way that those Conservative Corporate Stooges do. :-)

    Any God (or lack of) you want to interject here. :-) It was only used as a generic place holder such as “Smucho”...the God of Current Environmental Politics.

    I see the future much like the Newt Gingrich Republican 1994 election. By 1996 people were so fed up with the Ultra Right Agenda that they overwhelming re-elected Clinton for another "4 More Years" and he is now considered to be one of the better Presidents of recent history. The annual budget had a surplus and the National Debt was being paid down relieving the burden on future generations. Sadly that legacy was not carried on by the next administration. This group of “Republican Takeover” will make the same mistake through their fanatical aspects.

    Ohoooo the Tequila Party! I like that idea and I am quite confident that Snooki would be a good party leader. Yes I can see that by destroying brain cells the Tea Party demographics would make more sense to the rest of us.

  10. Almost ANYBODY will be better than the eventual candidate these wacko teabaggers will eventually gather around!