Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bristol Palin calls it quits with fiancé Johnston

As I had predicted that we had not heard the last of the Trailer Trash Palin Family saga, Bristol Palin has now re-announced calling off their second engagement to Levi Johnston after he told her he may have fathered a baby with another woman.

Palin declined to identify the woman, but a pregnant ex-girlfriend of Johnston has publicly denied he is the father.

Palin, the 19-year-old daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, said Johnston told her about the baby on July 14, the day the couple announced their re-engagement. Bristol Palin and the 20-year-old Johnston have a toddler son together, Tripp.

Palin had said she didn't have her mother's full support over reconnecting with Johnston. She said both her mother and father worried she would get hurt again.

Palin said the "final straw" was when Johnston told her he was going to Hollywood to see a hunting show, but actually went there to star in a music video mocking her family. In the video being shot this month in Los Angeles, Johnston will play a lover whose romance is thwarted by his girlfriend's disapproving mother. The project is based on the song "After Love" by singer-songwriter Brittani Senser.

"He's just obsessed with the limelight, and I got played," said Bristol Palin. Well it seams like Bristol grew up with this scenario and does not know the difference because how does that differ from her own Mother?


  1. As far as i am concerned there aren't enough bad things and embarassments that could befall this 1st Family of Utter Idiocy.

  2. Quitting seems to be a "Palin thing.' They don't stick to many commitments too very long which is why it boggles my mind that so many Americans idolize the mother.

    Odd stuff; odd people.

  3. Hello Hump,
    Oh so true...the more that the dysfunctional Palin Family is made aware to the public...the better.

    Yes when I hear local fawning Republicans muse over Sarah....it just boggles my mind how so blinded they could be from the truth.

  4. ....apparently, Johnson wised-up and realized what a bitch he'd have for a mother-in-law.