Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Laura Schlessinger Says Is Leaving Radio

As the conservative radio talk show host Dr. Lara Schlessinger, a family values advocating no sex until marriage but who had premarital sex herself, touted marriage fidelity by admonishing others but faced allegations of adultery herself, and railed about the decline of morality but saw nude pictures of herself published on the Internet; has, like many self-styled advice experts, a well-documented history of hypocrisy.

Schlessinger leapt past the bounds of typical talk radio phoniness into uncharted levels of self-delusion and hubris by her decision to hurl the N-word at a black caller nearly a dozen times on her show last week.

She even went on to justify her egregious act by stating that she wanted “to regain her First Amendment rights!" Yes it is her right and should not be admonished for hurling the “N” word on her talk show.

The conservative talk show hosts needs to realize “The First Amendment” doesn't guarantee speech without consequence, just speech without undue government intervention. Indeed, protesters' work persuading advertisers to abandon shows with questionable content may be the height of democracy; using the free market to register public protest in ways conservatives has practiced for decades.

Now, after so many years advising callers to take responsibility for their lives, it is curious to hear Schlessinger accept none for herself. The "Advice Guru" said she would be ending her three decade radio and not renew her contract and this isn't the first time she's ducked criticism by ducking out.

Bottom line, no matter how much she points fingers elsewhere, it should be clear: Schlessinger's biggest victimizer stares back at her from the mirror, every day.

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  1. Great expose' Engineer! Nothing more humorous than right-wing hypocrisy. And to think, she had millions of followers who lived and breathed each idiotic word she spoke. It bolsters my hypothesis that rather than evolving to a higher level, America is in a rapid downward, devolution cycle.