Monday, April 5, 2010

Yet Another Controversy For The Republican Chairman

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, who is already under attack for his handling of party finances and lackluster fundraising, is now facing a new threat to his leadership: an independent GOP group spearheaded by some party luminaries that will compete for campaign dollars.

Steele shrugged off calls for his resignation Monday but then, handed his critics perhaps even more ammunition by suggesting that he was being held to a higher standard because he is the first African American to lead the party. Steele defended his tenure Monday in a TV interview and said he would not resign his post. He said that African Americans, such as President Obama and himself, are being held to a higher standard for success.

Yes, Michael Steele decided to play the race card. The Obama White House spokesman Robert Gibbs addressed Steele's remarks saying, "I think Michael Steele's problem is not the race card, it's the credit card."

Adding to the committee's woes, Steele announced Monday that he was replacing RNC chief of staff Ken McKay following a controversy over $2,000 the party spent entertaining donors at a West Hollywood sex-themed nightclub named Voyeur and that he was replacing him with his deputy.

It was also revealed Monday that a prominent donor, Sam Fox, the former ambassador to Belgium and a strong supporter of George W. Bush, had resigned from the committee's fundraising board.

As if to do an end run around Michael Steele and challenge his leadership, GOP power brokers such as former White House counselors Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie were ramping up a new political effort, American Crossroads, dedicated to electing Republican candidates this fall and beyond. The group hopes to raise more than $50 million this year. Former RNC chairman Mike Duncan has also signed on. Steele, who took over the RNC from Duncan, has found himself increasingly under fire and on a short list to be removed.


  1. Great posting, Engineer. So the RNC will be challenged by a shadow Republican fund-raising group, American Crossroads. How very interesting.

    What does 'race' have to do with this, do you think, Engineer? Are Rove and Gillespie upset with perceived 'incompetence' in Steele or it there a problem in the GOP 'ranks' with a black man as chair?

    What's your take on this?

  2. The Republicans were very happy to use Steele as a symbol to counter Obama. In reality, Steele is a relatively powerless figure head, especially of a party with out purpose. An organization that is dysfunctional.
    Steele was a misguided attempt to prove that the party was inclusive. I find that black conservatives are a strange bunch. You have Allan Keyes, Ken Blackwell...Would I be off base to include Log Cabin Republicans as part of this dysfunctional schizo mind set?
    If the party is so desparate to project an inclusive image, in an attempt to seduce an alienated segment of the population, then why not have an openly gay lesbian as the next chairwoman?

  3. Like Mary Cheney? Cool, right?