Thursday, April 22, 2010

The “Know Nothing” Teabaggers Give A Warning Once Again

The anti-Obama Teabagger forces are sounding the alarm, which is rooted in the classic “Know Nothing” populism, yet once again. Nativity, isolationist, ignorant stupidity, and paranoid are the rule of the day with these people.

The latest with the Far Right Wing Nuts is with the newly designed $100 bill that is being debuted. The complaint now is that it looks too “European.”

Not for the real reasons that the new look is aimed at thwarting counterfeiters and the new $100 bill has several new security features, including a “3-D Security Ribbon” and an image of a bell on the front of the note that, when tilted, changes in color from copper to green. The reverse side of the bill includes a new vignette of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

Of course this is not the reasons that the goofy goobers within the Tea Party give credit to. Nooooooo, it looks like the Euro, which means it must be a precursor of socialism. Yes, that Obama is one sneaky crypto-Muslim.

But then, the same was suspected of the Ben Franklin $100 bill when it made its last facelift debut. The nerve of those LIBERALS putting one of our most secular humanist, age of enlightenment, playboy “Founding Fathers” on $100 bill. Yes after he sampled the bright lights, those WOMEN of London and Paris, he was no longer fit to be around good Christian folks. I mean don’t you think that it’s suspicious that Obama would want this Christian Nation to continue to feature someone as insidious as Ben Franklin on its $100 bill?!?!

Now when you also stop and think about it…..Independence Hall is pretty suspicious too!!! It is a classical colonial building, clearly inspired by European building styles of the 18th century one of the more suspicious and licentious periods in European intellectual history and arts which just proves that it has all been a LIBERAL PLOT for over 233 years.

So I ask you, “What is this country coming to?”


  1. Engineer, I live only 17 kilometers from the imfamous Chateau de Rastignac....
    It was designed by the same architect that designed the White House, in fact it looks just a little too much like the White House for comfort, except its made out of yellow limestone, so, okay, it's like a Yellow House, or something...
    Anyway...I'm sure this is suspicious and we have to let Rush Limbaugh know right now!

    I think the most insidious part of this story is the fact that Barack Obama must have had a time machine! He had to have gone back in time to sabotage the economy under the Bush years and then to go back and hire a two faced French European architect to design a French-like White House. He has to be stopped!

  2. Ah, yes, gentlemen, the plot thickens. To add to this mystery play, recall that Franklin was a Freemason! Now, we have an explosive element added to the boiling stew. Surely the righteous right would like to remove Franklin form all things attached to their beloved version of American history.

  3. But aren't all the members of the US Chamber of Commerce Free Masons? An organization so craftily anti American that it is Conservative American..
    They are so clever and I am soo confused!