Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Republican Shame of Teabaggers Actions

The blame of the latest terrorist attacks perpetrated by the Teabaggers on Democratic Congressman lie squarely on the Republicans for inciting threats and vandalism against Democrats. I am very ashamed, outraged, and I criticize the Republican leaders for not speaking out more forcefully enough to denounce the Teabagger’s threats.

I implore all to denounce Republican House members who cheered hecklers who were removed from the gallery during Sunday's health care debate. The Congressional House of Representatives deserves respect and it is inappropriate for Republican members of Congress to cheer when disrespectful sentiments are shouted out from the gallery.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said: "We've got to all be cognizant of the fact when we use very hot rhetoric, it can be seen as incitement to people whose judgment is not peaceful … and who either verbally or physically threaten people with whom they disagree."

Of the reported acts of vandalism and threats against House Democrats, it is irresponsible for all Republicans to clearly state that it is inappropriate, that racially / bigoted insulting words being used that are so beneath the dignity of this debate and the people they were used against.

Meanwhile dozens of leaders of the Tea Party and other conservative groups instead decided to make half hearted apologies but along with interjected justificational reasons to the violence, threats and the use of "disparaging terms" to refer to politicians.

All should be demanding investigations and prosecutions of anyone accused of violence, or inciting and promoting violence.

In the mean time, I have present some Nazi Propaganda poster throughout this posting and I suggest that the Teabagger should chose a couple for their uses. Nazi / Teabaggers….One In The Same!!


  1. I am very ashamed, outraged, and I criticize the Republican leaders for not speaking out more forcefully enough to denounce the Teabagger’s threats.

    You need not be 'ashamed' because we all know that your once-Grand Old Party has been kidnapped by right-wingnuts and neocons. I noticed that Eric Cantor's statement today was not a call to disarm, but another blaming game speech.

  2. Eng..first, thanks for your support with that nut case on my site. He's not a teabagger...just a Canadian psychopath religious fanatic ;)

    More than not speaking out, the repub leadership is denying anything is a problem.
    Bohnner is giving half hearted lipservice, and in the same breath using it to claim the entire nation is outraged and thus are frustrated. Some condemnation.

    Palin is talking about "Reloading" and has put actual cross hairs on a map showing where they need to "target" Dems.

    Mccain is poo pooing the violence and threats as just popular anger toward a "sleazy" political move by dems (he used the word sleazy refering to dems in the same sentences in which he mouthed opposing violence and racism 6 times on the today show this morning.

    I'm disgusted with what they are trying to do.