Thursday, March 25, 2010

Armed Forces Being Privatized

I have put on this clip from the Blackwater Firm. It seem like we have privatized our armed forces and subcontracted our war efforts to Blackwater. Please review and give me your thoughts.


  1. Just how long do you suppose will it be before we see some nut on the streets of LA using one of these weapons against law-enforcement officers during a bank heist or some other provocation??

    Awful stuff, as usual, from the Blackwater mercenaries.

  2. Awesome gun. I want one! I wouldn't trade my Thompson 1928A1 for it, but it looks like it would be fun.

    Mud... when was the last time you saw a full auto M-16, or M-60, or grendade launcher or any class III US made military weapon in use by street criminals against Law enforcement? Any weapon that gives our troops an edge in close qtr. combat gets my support.

    Anyway, just to clarify ... This weapon isn't a Blackwater weapon. The video was on their site, but it was taken from the History Channel (or discovery channel) tv show the host of which is an ex SEAL and is the personality in the video.

    The gun is not yet in production, hasn't been contracted for by the gov't last I looked, and is being used by no-one just yet... least of all Blackwater. Just an FYI.