Sunday, May 8, 2011

Obscure Hippie Music of the late 60's

My good friend Microdot posted a recording I had never heard of but of course I loved it. I started to reminisce of some great but now obscure songs I use to perform in local bars. I was surprised to see when I found them so I had to pass them along also.

ENJOY and be careful of the FLASHBACKS!!! :-)


  1. as you know, I've been off working on another planet lately. no news, no tv, no internet...slowly I'm figuring out what has been going on in the last 2 weeks.
    great I really liked Fever Tree back in the late 60's and Spirit and Spooky Tooth. The Spooky Tooth and Spirit pieces, I had heard fairly recently, but the Fever Tree...I don't think I heard that since 1969.

  2. Fever Tree was one of my favorite groups in 1969, and I also liked Spirit and Spooky Tooth. Thanks for this little diversion, Engineer of Knowledge! Despite Vietnam, those really were "milk and honey days."

  3. I'm much older than you punks, so give me a good Sinatra or Peggy Lee!

  4. Hello Muddy,
    I agree….I will not only give you Sinatra, but Tony Bennett, (Mac the Knife) Bobby Darin, and (Songs to “Make Out To” King) Johnny Mathis.

    Also “The Flamingos” when in 1959 they are singing their version of the old 1934 Harry Warren song, “I only have eyes for you.” This song still does it for me today.

    Hello Jack,
    I have some very amorous memories of the song, "San Francisco Girl" that took place at a high scool dance and also Lulu's version of, "To Sir With Love." The last one took place in a movie theater.

  5. Just stumbled across a reel-to-reel tape with my old Fever Tree albums on it from about 1968. Just had to see if I could find the songs on the Internet and I am sooo excited. I still love them. Thanks for making them available.

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