Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who Was Going To Destroy Your Health Care?

Remember during the last election you saw the Teabaggers screaming red faces at town halls how with the health care bill, “Obama better not mess with their Medicare!!” They were going around sounding the warning of Death Panels and how the Democrats were going to destroy Medicare.

Well as we can now well see, it is the Ultra Radical Teabaggers demanding removing Medicare and just give the retired population, “Insurance Vouchers” and sending them off to find private health insurance. Well reality is this older demographic population is not the customers Private Health Insurance wants as at this age they will get sick and the “Insurance Vouchers” is grossly under funding the elderly population’s needs.

Do these Dumb Ass Teabagger’s even remember what they were shouting during the election only to see those they claim to have elected wanting to take away their health safety net!!

Yes, once again the Extremely Conservative Republicans are throwing the Average Working Stiff under the “Insurance Bus” and now the Teabagger Lemmings are sing their praises.


  1. Good post, Engineer. Just when you thought these teabag nuts couldn't get any more radical, they top themselves!

    The question that I continually ask is: will the dumbed-down voters see all of this crap before they go to the polls? The answer is not yet certain.

  2. This voucher idea is absolute nonsense. It does NOTHING to control costs or guarantee fair and even treatment to the elderly. And replacing a system that only costs 4-5% to run with one that costs 4 to 5 times that (allowing for ridiculous "profit motive") is stark-raving insanity!

  3. I find the US budget debate to be the most ill-informed activity in a nation which prides itself on its freedoms.

    The US should begin with establishing democracy within its borders before it works on other countries.

    Spot the irony in Dubious Bush starting a war in Iraq to establish democracy.