Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Glenn Beck To End His Fox TV Show!!!

With tomorrow being my 29th anniversary of turning 29 years old, I could not have had a better birthday gift than this news I noted when I booted up my computer tonight.

Glenn Beck is going to end his daily TV program!!! This really comes as “NO SURPRISE” since advertisers were shunning Beck's show of late for what it considers to be his "EXTREME VIEWS."

Yes his brand of “Ultra Extreme Right Wing Nutjobism” that is Glenn Beck’s TV Show is not playing well with sponsors as they do not want to be “BRAND ASSOCIATED” with this less than mentally stable “Fox Personality.”

So, pray tell what is going to happen to the mental state of all those who Follow, Quote, and Believe this “Messiah of Misleading and Misinformation” when they don’t get their daily programmed message on how to Think, Act, and Talk?

God Forbid!!! They may have to start to think for themselves or find a new "Ass Wipe" to transition their "HATE ADDICTIONS" to.


  1. I guess you feel strongly about Beck. I feel the same.

  2. Hello NewEnglandBob,
    Good to hear from you again. Have you moved to Wilmington, DE for work yet? My old boss is working for the engineering firm, Sargent Lundy, on 138kV and upwards transmission electric line routes up there.

    Well I guess it could go for not only Glenn Beck, but any of the Extreme Conservative’s Talking Heads on Fox Programming.

    Well I’ll just say, keep in touch as I would like to talk to you more.

  3. If only they would all go away: especially the 4th Grade dropout. Will he go silent at mucky's blog now that he no longer has a source for material?

  4. Best news I've heard in many years! Now if only Rush would follow Beck's lead...

  5. Happy Birthday, Engineer. And what a grand present this is for you and, of course, for the entire nation.

  6. A belated Happy Birthday. I was 29 once.

    Best news? Nah. If he caught AIDS that would be the best news.

  7. you say it's your birthday? Well, I have a cunning plan that still allows me to consider myself an adolescent. In fact, I think I will have to deal with this pesky puberty problem at least until 2050!

    Re matter what Ailes and Murdoch say, they were hemorrahging money supporting Glecks train wreck. Conservatively, he has cost them over 70 million in revenues in America and the UK because of sponsorship boycotts.
    What did they think they were doing when they hired this jerk anyway? He only had a record as a radio prankster and had caused big problems at the stations where he worked with his on air antics.

  8. Hello Hump,
    It's good to hear from you friend. :-) Beck with Aids.....not a totally bad thought.

    I knew that the sponsors had left but I did not know to the tune of $70M. Any loss of Murdoch's money is good news for me. Murdoch got what he deserved when he brought on Beck.

    I heard something about a couple of reporters of Murdoch in England got into some trouble for illegally tapping into some phone lines or e-mails?

    I will see if I can find more info on this.