Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New 2012 Presidential Campaign Poll: Obama Rising, Palin Falling

A new political poll provides fresh data on the standing for candidates on both sides of the aisle. The poll finds that Mr. Obama's standing for the 2012 nomination is improving rapidly, while the Tea Party champion, “Sarah Palin: has lost ground to fellow potential Republican candidates.

OH MY!!! How can the Teabaggers handle this one? Their beloved, mindless, “Caribou Barbie” is no longer the darling of the Republican Party?!?!?

Could it be true what I have been saying for well over two years? If anyone would consider referencing my past postings and comments on other blogs, one can see that I foretold this happening. As an active member of the Republican Party, I have been saying that the Republican’s have only been using the current wave of “CONSERVATIVE NUT JOB” Teabagger movement to only further their needs yet once again!!

To add insult to injury, not only this latest devastating news that the Tea Party is now considered useless by the Republican leadership, but President Obama is coming out as the better and preferred choice for 2012!!!


  1. Palin was never a serious contender. The Repub. party knew this. Only the fringe right wing evangelical imbeciles see her as anything more than a publicity seeking 1/2 wit extremist nut. That represents about 25% of the Republican base

    I voted for Obama in '08, the first time I voted Dem for president, and will vote for Obama again in 2012. I can think of no Republican who would garner my vote...except perhaps that new Senator from Mass., Brown. But he's split from the GOP standard line so often, they'd never nominate him.

    Everytime I hear Bohner (Boner) talk and cry; and listen to them whining about not going home for Xmas as "sacriligeous"; and condemn reasoned policy and bills (dont ask dont tell repeal, the arms treaty w/Russia, the 9/11 1st responder health bill, etc) while retaining unreasoned support for tax break for the multi-millionaires, I remember how much I dispise what the GOP has become.

    A party whose stated first priority is to make Obama a one term president doesn't have the country's best interest at heart. It's party first. A pox on them.

  2. But Pat Buchanan wants to marry Palin! He's still pushin her as a serious contender...
    As far as the rest of the basterds go...Boner,uhhh... Boehner,,,how ever you spell his name and their one sided class war against the poor...I say let them eat donuts!
    But that Mitt...he's sure lookin good for 2012...right?
    I mean he's the only really sanforized, scotchguarded permanently pressed and pleated candidate in the bunch.